Dog chained to scooter and put out with the trash

Dog chained to scooter and set out with trash
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A dog in Jackson, Mississippi, is recovering after someone chained her to a scooter and put her out with the trash. The despicable act of cruelty was brought to light by the rescue group which stepped in to help. On Monday, Cheshire Abbey wrote:

What were you doing last night at midnight?
Yeah I was in bed, too—
until a friend tagged me in a post about a dog that was literally chained up to a razor scooter & SET OUT WITH THE TRASH


A kind person saw her laying there, soaking wet, out of the corner of her eye while she was on a 4-wheeler & couldn’t believe someone had actually set a dog out with their trash.

The good Samaritan was unable to release the pup from the scooter because of the chain…the entire collar had to be cut away.

dog abandoned with trash

The young dog had obviously been neglected – Cheshire Abbey describes her as “skin, bones and hair.” In fact, when they were bathing her, she was too weak to stand. She has been taken to a veterinarian and though she has heartworms and intestinal worms, she is “doing well.”

dog chained and abandoned with trash

The group is raising funds to help this neglected young dog recover:

PayPal – [email protected].
Donations can be called directly into Canton Road & paid on the Cheshire Abbey account:

(Images via Cheshire Abbey Facebook page)

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