Airman starved dogs

Airman charged with cruelty for starving dog to the brink of death

A Hulbert Field, Florida, airman is facing animal cruelty charges for starving his roommate’s dog to the brink of death. As reported by NWF Daily News, 23-year-old Anthony Matthew Ward had agreed to care for his deployed roommate’s pit bull, Hercules, but instead, he starved the pup so badly that Hercules had to be euthanized.

airman starved dogs

The cruel situation was brought to light after an emergency veterinary clinic advised the Okaloosa County’s Panhandle Animal Welfare Society that a malnourished dog had been brought in and had to be put down. Two days later, the animal welfare agency received a report from a woman who stated that she had given Ward a puppy in February and recently learned that the dog was so weak that it could no longer stand.

The second dog, an eight-month-old pup named Roscoe, was rescued – at the time he weighed just 27 pounds. Since leaving Ward’s “care,” the dog has recuperated and now weighs a healthy 60 pounds.

Ward’s treatment of the dogs has resulted in one felony charge of aggravated animal cruelty and one misdemeanor charge for cruelty to animals. He could face up to five years in prison if he is found guilty of the felony cruelty charge, and an additional year for the misdemeanor.




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3 replies
  1. Larry says:

    No punishment can be too severe for this scumbag. Lets hope the judge has enough sense to give him the maximum under the law and makes his sentences conseecutive, not concurrent. I hope he also faces charges under the UCMJ and receives a Bad COnduct Discharge at a minimum. A Dishonorable Discharge would be well deserved but probably won’t happen. Better yet, leave him chained in his quarters (without food or water) until his roommate comes back for deployment and let the roommate take care of him for killing his dog. It proves you can’t trust anyone to care for your animals in your absence. Die you low-life SOB, DIE!

    • Sherry says:

      I agree wth you to the tenth degree…. RIP Hercules no more suffering will you endure…I hope when ur owner gets bk he kicks the living shit out tht a$$hole…!!!


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