Woman gets rid of pet after learning it's not a dog

Woman gets rid of pet after learning that pet shop pup isn’t a dog

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A woman reluctantly decided to rehome her pet, to a zoo, after learning that the puppy she bought from a pet store was not even an actual dog. The shocking situation happened to a woman identified as Ms. Wang – she purchased her “Japanese Spitz” puppy from a pet store approximately one year ago and recently learned that her fluffy, white pet was actually a fox.

According to Yahoo U.K., the pup stopped eating dog food months ago and also, never barked – a local zoo recently advised the woman that her pet was actually a fox. The animal was surrendered to the zoo and Ms. Wang was advised that she could come to visit…if she gets lonely.

No word on how the fox, who lived as a domesticated pet for nearly a year, will acclimate with the other foxes who live at the zoo – it would seem that life in a home, with a human, would have a negative impact on the animal’s ability to live with other wild animals. One also has to wonder how many other “Japanese Spitz” puppies were sold to unsuspecting customers of the pet store where Ms. Wang’s pup was purchased.

(Screenshot via Yahoo U.K.)

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  1. Nancy Raymond says:

    Ms. Wang should sue that so called ‘pet’ store for fraud – this poor animal may never acclimate to other foxes in the zoo after being treated like a domestic dog. There is something very suspicious with this pet store and it needs to be investigated – their sale tactics are unorthodox, misleading and maybe criminal. I hope she contacts the RSPCA to get an investigation going. God only knows how many other customers were deceived by this store.

  2. Adrienne says:

    I agree that charges should be brought against this pet shop and the RSPCA should also be investigating as to how many of these so-called dogs were sold to unsuspecting people. Tragic all around as the woman probably misses the fox/dog and the animal also was use to her for a year. Hope they can get this fox to acclimate to the others in the zoo or else a sanctuary will have to take this animal.


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