Father shot his daughter’s dogs because she didn’t do the dishes

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An Oklahoma County man has been accused of shooting and killing his teenage daughter’s dogs because she didn’t do the dishes as told.  Jeffrey Edwards, 35, has been arrested and charged with animal cruelty.

According to FoxNews, the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Department were contacted on Wednesday by the 17-year-old girl who told authorities her father became angry after she didn’t clean the house or do the dishes. The teen called her mother and left, but when the daughter returned home the next morning, her two dogs were missing. According to reports, when the girl asked where her dogs were, her uncle replied, “Your father shot your dogs.”

Deputies traced pools of blood in the back of a truck. A search near the home by the river revealed tire tracks that led deputies to the dogs’ bodies. In addition to two animal cruelty charges, Edwards has also been charged with the possession of a firearm after a previous felony conviction.

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24 replies
  1. Marni Montanez says:

    What a coward. this man is so pathetic. It is obvious he is a control freak. Couldn’t control his daughter so did the unthinkable. And he wonders why his daughter doesn’t respect him???????????????

  2. Donna L Hawkins says:

    I hope he goes right back to prison! Heartless jerk! To do that to his daughter! And the poor dogs!

  3. Bunny Peters says:

    With a POS father like this, who needs enemies??? If I were the daughter, I would move out ASAP and change my name……

    Poor precious furbabies….. murdered for no good reason….. This POS should be locked up & lose the keys….. He should only leave prison in a pine box…… This POS will burn in Hell forever for his cruelty (but it would be great if he suffered for the rest of his miserable existence)……

    RIP precious furbabies, You did NOT deserve to be killed….. please look for MacKitty in Heaven and you can RIP amongst loving snuggle buddies…..

  4. Barkley's Mom says:

    This is not how you teach someone to be responsible! As a father this POS has failed royally! I’m glad the girl had the sense to turn the POS in and hope she knows enough to stay away from the worthless monster! May Jeffrey Edwards rot in Hell!

  5. pennysdachshunds says:

    IN this CASE the NAME of DAD or FATHER should NEVER & I MEAN NEVER be used to refer to this PERVERTED SOB!!! HE is a Cruel and Psychopathic CONTROL FREAK!!! DID he THIK THIS ACT of TOTAL DEMONIC treatment will earn respect for him… AS for the mom she is either so ” INTIMADETED & BROKEN SPIRITED for BEATINGS or she and the JPOS UNCLE ARE just LIKE HIM!!! I hope he does serious jail time !!

  6. maxiemom says:

    That redneck SOB needs to be removed from this planet ASAP! What a vile, useless, disgusting piece of CRAP!

    If he could shoot her dogs over not doing the dishes, imagine the hell her daughter must have already lived through!

    They were probably the only friends she had in that house.

  7. susispot says:

    He won’t get any “Father of the Year” awards. I hope he get his ass whooped in jail where he needs to be kept for an extended period of time…years with any luck.

  8. Adrienne says:

    Is this her biological father or someone who is with her mother? What must the family dynamics be that she calls her mother, leaves and comes back the next day only to find her 2 dogs dead? Her uncle lives in the house too? A lot is missing from this story but by his picture, I can believe he would have no problem doing what he did.Evil thing and should be in jail for quite a while and never be in contact with that family again.

  9. Tracy Whitcomb says:

    Throw his stupid ass in Prison. There was no cal for him to kill those innocent dogs because he got mad. He deserves to rot in Prison.

  10. Nancy Raymond says:

    Jeffrey Edwards needs to be inundated with all the abusive emails, letters and phone calls that he deserves- his actions were beyond deplorable – to take his anger out on two innocent dogs only shows what a frigging low life scumsuck this piss poor example of a father, much less a man he is. I hope his daughter never speaks to him again – and furthermore, an encounter with an 18 wheeler is definitely what I hope happens to this hunk of maggot shit.

  11. Nadya Rossi says:

    No heart, no soul, no kindness, no compassion, no brains. Just depravity and cruelty. A waste of a human life.

  12. Marianne says:

    There is no reason that girl should ever have to do anything with the man again…except in court. The uncle didn’t stop him? He should be locked up too. I hope the judge has some sense and locks him up forever..to keep animals and people safe.

  13. PAMELA D says:

    Very little words for animal abusers. The only thing I can say is give them a taste of their own medicine but worse then get them off this earth permanently.

  14. Diane says:

    Do the family and the world a favor and just HANG this bastard….Any man who is so cruel as to take out his anger on innocent animals is a danger to everyone…It could have been his daughter if she had stayed there…Her two babies saved her life, by dying for her…


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