Dog never had a real home

Shelter remembers beloved dog who never had a real home

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This week, an animal shelter in New York remembered a beloved dog who died without ever knowing a real home of his own. The Yonkers Animal Shelter wrote:

“Our hearts are heavy today .Sadly we must share the passing of one our Shelter residents, sweet Charcoal.”

Charcoal arrived at the animal shelter in 2016 – according to the shelter, he was “bedraggled and in terrible condition.” The shelter wrote:

“He was a dog who seemingly had a hard life covered in scabs and callouses . We always wondered if he had a home or if he was a warehouse dog Either way his humans had clearly failed him.”

Charcoal was described as a dog with a “big personality,” who would stand on his hind legs to search for his favorite volunteer, Cathy. It took some time for the shelter to nurse Charcoal back to health – but after he was recuperated from his neglectful path, he was made available for adoption.

Sadly – nobody wanted to give Charcoal a chance. The shelter explained,

“People would just pass him by in the shelter. Perhaps it was his size as he was a big boy at a solid 85 lbs Charcoal was a big mush in a tough guy body. Maybe it was his loud barking big head and bad kennel presence that scared people off. They didn’t understand he was making so much noise because he was excited to see you. His age, at 11, put off potential adopters not wanting to take in a dog that might not have many years left. But up until the end we never gave up hope that his special someone would find him 😒”

Before Charcoal’s special person could be found, age took its toll. Charcoal had a mass in his throat which made breathing difficult. The shelter wrote:

“We made the humane decision to allow him to pass with dignity and in the arms of someone who loved him not alone suffering on a kennel run. He was given lots of hugs kisses and crossed knowing he was truly loved. Cathy his beloved volunteer told him the day she meet him she’d never leave him until he went home she kept her promise and was with him until the end.”

Charcoal never found his home, but he was loved by his shelter family:

“We feel like a part of our heart has been ripped away We are at least fortunate to have the experience to know him and love him. His gentle manner, blinding smile and tender kisses will be bound with us forever. Our hearts ache that Charcoal didn’t get that comfy bed or chance to curl up with his family on the couch but we do take some comfort in believing that his last 17 months were his happiest ever.”

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9 replies
  1. Darla G says:

    Tears are flowing here. RIP Charcoal. A shelter isn’t an ideal home and 17 months of love isn’t nearly enough but it sounds like it was a thousand times better than you had before. You were a handsome boy, sweet Charcoal.

    I’m glad Cathy was with him until the very end, even though I’m sure it was very difficult for her.

  2. pennysdachshunds says:

    I have developed sort of a bad attitude about many shelters in our Country! Due to the ‘HURRY UP AND EUTHANIZE” ethic… I have sat here and cried my eyes out This “Good Friday” reading of your shelter in Yonkers NEW YORK. YOUR STAFF AND VOLUNTEER WHO NEVER GAVE UP ON THIS BEAUTIFUL BOY!!! YOU ALL did THE BEST THING “YOU COULD IN THE CIRCUMSTANCES!!!! Charcoal KNEW TILL THE END HE WAS LOVED>>> Cathy you Shine! and the rest of you are truly AWESOME!!!

  3. Barkley's Mom says:

    The Yonkers Animal Shelter and their volunteer Cathy, are to be commended for not giving up on Charcoal. So many shelters would have put him to sleep after a few weeks. He may not have found his forever family but he at least knew love and was cared for by these wonderful people. Rest in peace sweet boy, you are no longer in pain and you were loved.

    • Stephanie says:

      Rest In Peace at the Rainbow Bridge ???? Charcoal! You were loved! In many ways you had the biggest and best family ever-and your one SPECIAL friend, Cathy who never left you.
      Bravo to the Yonkers Animal Shelter for loving and caring for Charcoal, and never giving up on him. ❤️????????❤️????????

  4. ilona says:

    RIP dear boy. Thank you so much to Yonkers Animal Shelter for giving him happiest days of his life. Can’t stop crying.
    Love you, Charcoal.

  5. Adrienne says:

    I am crying like all the preceeding commentors, but this is a wonderful shelter and do a lot for their dogs. I live an hour north of this shelter in NY and have heard how caring they are. Cathy certainly gave her all to Charcoal and although when all the volunteers left for the day to go home, charcoal never had aggression and greeted them with his happy bark each day. Whoe knows what his world/life was like prior to being taken into Yonkers shelter, but I bet it was 110% better than any place he had been in before and for that this shelter and those that gave their love to Charcoal should be proud of what they did while he was there. One of our dogs had the same thing Charcoal had, and it was heartbreaking to hear her trying to breathe.This dog received more love than many dogs and sometimes a dog like this will look at the shelter as being their home as long as the love is there and it definitely was.

  6. Joanne says:

    ❤️ Rest In Sweet Heavenly Peace Angel Charcoal, you are now in the tender loving care of Jesus. Heaven has a new Angel. Play and run in Heaven’s soft fluffy clouds. God Bless you, Angel Charcoal. ❤️????????????????????????????❤️


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