Rescue dog shot and killed at airport after escaping from crate

rescue dog shot at airport
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A rescue dog, who was destined for a Winnipeg, Canada, foster home, was shot and killed at the Winnipeg Airport on Monday afternoon after she escaped from her transport crate. According to CBC News, the two-year-old mixed breed dog, named Greta, was being flown by Perimeter Aviation, under the care of the Manitoba Mutts, when she managed to escape from a plastic airline crate after being unloaded from a plane. Though staff tried to catch her, they failed, and she ran into harm’s way.

Greta bolted near an “active” runway and someone with the airport’s wildlife control shot her after attempts to capture her failed. Tyler MacAfee, Winnipeg Airports Authority spokesman, commented on the situation, which had disrupted air traffic at the airport, “The dog ran across the active runway, which caused a flight coming in from Las Vegas to be diverted. It had to abort its landing.” Officials have claimed that the shooting was carried out for safety reasons.

According to CTV News, a review of the incident is underway.

(Photo of Greta)

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  1. God forbid that the plane had to go around in order to save a life !!!! What a sick excuse for murder. Couldn’t be the fact that she was scared, now could it. God only knows how much I hate HUMANS.

  2. screw you, what you should have had on hand is a tranquilizer gun, idiots people have no idea most of the time how to handle a scared dog, or animal at all.

  3. That’s B.S.! She didn’t need to be killed. They could have shot to “maim” her to prevent her from running anymore, but she needn’t have been killed. Poor Greta, rescued and headed for a better life only to have it cut short! Airport staff should be more careful when it comes to handling live animals’ crates!

  4. I think better crates need to be used for transporting animals. I have never had one of my animals escape and I use cable ties to fasten the top and bottom of the crate and the door. We have to cut them to open the crate.

    • I agree. I once had to fly my mothers dog and I tied the crate shut with dental floss. I cat to cut it open when we landed. No excuse for this.

  5. May be they could have been more careful and she wouldn’t have escaped. I for the life of me will NEVER understand why she had to be shot and killed for “safety reasons”! This is totally unacceptable! Rest in peace Greta, hopefully you were on your way to a new forever home and “wild life control” did this to you! I am heartbroken!

  6. Horseshit, horseshit, horseshit! Of course, Winnipeg could not divert traffic until the dog was caught – there is ALOT of blame to go around here – she escaped because no one was paying attention, the crate was inadequate, and of course, to kill the dog was the only option – NOT! Done for safety reasons for WHO??? Certainly not Greta who was terrified and instead of humane options this miserable airport was more concerned with their runway and flights being diverted than Greta’s life. I hope they get inundated with negative comments – they deserve it. This was a cruel and stupid decision and may this airport and these ‘officials’ never hear the end of it.

  7. She escaped because of the way they handled her crate. It was totally THEIR fault. They should have done everything possible to save her life! Would they have shot her if she’d been a HUMAN child? Of course not! She was frightened! They should have tranquilized her or found another way to save her. This is inexcusable.

  8. OMG, how terrible. They couldn’t have used a tranquilizer gun to subdue her? She was scared out of her mind – she didn’t know what was going on. Also, the other plane couldn’t have circled once more before landing??? Poor Greta. So close to being safe and moving on to a better life. RIP sweet pup.

  9. Assholes don’t take responsibility for killing this poor dog. Really god forbibe anyone use common sense there had to be a way for someone to go find a vet with a tranquilizer or maybe a zoo! They don’t give a fuck as long as everything runs smooth shame on you asses!!!!

  10. What a piss ass excuse to kill this dog. I am very sure their were other ways of catching him. What on earth is wrong with this airport people lately Poor little girl, she was scare, she didn’t bite anybody. I hope the owner sue the cheat out of the airport.


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