Officers tended to dog hit by car and left for dead

Police officers stop to save dog who was hit by car and left for dead

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A dog, hit by a car and left for dead on the side of a road, received life-saving care from two police officers in Dallas, Texas. The shepherd mix was motionless when Officers Chad Kazmierczak and Cathy Blanchard noticed him on the shoulder of Highway 175, reported WFAA News.

The young dog was horribly injured – with internal bleeding, a crushed pelvis, and broken bones – the compassionate officers provided him with water and covered him with traffic vests. Most importantly, they sat with him, providing comfort until rescuers could arrive.

The injured dog has been dubbed Kaz, in honor of one the officers who helped him, and he is currently recuperating from the devastating injuries with Dallas DogRRR. On May 7, the non-profit group updated Facebook followers about the dog’s condition:

Kaz is lucky to be alive. He’s now stable, but has MULTIPLE fractures that need surgery to heal. His right front radial and ulna are fractured. His right rear tibia and fibula are fractured. His pelvis is shattered. One piece of good news is that while he originally had some blood in his urine, that has cleared up, but obviously he is still be carefully monitored.

Our heart is breaking for this boy. As mentioned, he is going to need surgery to repair his broken bones… probably multiple surgeries.

A microchip was found in Kaz, the the information about his owner was not current – according to the rescue agency, efforts are being made to find out who he belongs to. In the meantime, his injuries are being addressed and he is receiving the veterinary care that he so desperately needs.

Find the rescue group caring for Kaz at this link to Facebook.

Donations for Kaz’s ongoing care can be made to the rescue group’s website here.


Kaz – Surgery Day

KAZ PUPDATE – BEING PREPPED FOR SURGERYToday Kaz is having is first surgery to stabilize and repair his broken legs. He will have screws and rods attached to bridge his shattered bones so they will hopefully fuse back together. He's been on a heavy dose of pain meds, but he has become stable enough for surgery.While he originally had some internal bleeding, an ultrasound confirmed that blood is no longer entering his belly. He still has a couple of deep lacerations and road rash on his belly and between his legs, but those are being treated and will slowly heal.He will continue to me immobile due to both the surgery, and the broken pelvis. We are hopeful the surgery goes well and will continue to do everything possible for Kaz.We appreciate everyone's donations and support to date. While we've covered his initial ER bill, today's surgery will be a few more thousand dollars, followed by his continued hospitization. In other words, we still need financial help to care for Kaz.Your donation is tax deductible and can be made through our website, or PayPal. We will update his progress later today, but please keep him in your thoughts and prayers… thank you!

Posted by Dallas DogRRR – Rescue.Rehab.Reform on Tuesday, May 8, 2018

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4 replies
  1. pennysdachshunds says:

    As A frequent poster I have been MORE than a LITTLE disgusted with the STATE OF TEXAS as a WHOLE & the Governor Gregg ABBOTT who hides in his fortress and doesn’t even address the issues of the HORRIFIC , NEGLECT, TORTURE , of the ANIMAL POPULATION>>> BUT THE AWSOME THING I HAVE ALSO SEE IS GREAT PEOPLE like these NOT 1 but 2 LAW OFFICERS that
    DID STEP UP and GO OUT OF THEIR WASY TO HELP KAZ where honest to GOD I think the majority of the population there would have left him to suffer and die without a care in the world…

  2. Sue says:

    Yes. Thank you, officers. The police department where I worked also had a few good officers who would help animals, but this was in conflict with the over-all hardness of the department.

    I hope that the numbers of kind ones are increasing, and more department heads at least see that this is good publicity for their agencies.

  3. Melissa gurley says:

    Thanks to these two officers Texas should use them as a example way too much abuse there for animals


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