Teens charged with killing mother opossum and babies with baseball bat

In a horrific act of animal cruelty in Marietta, Georgia, two teens have been charged with killing a mother opossum and her four babies using a baseball bat and chemicals.

According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Rocquavious Williams, 19, and an unnamed 16-year-old male were arrested Wednesday after posting a Snapchat video of them killing the opossum at one of the teen’s home in Kennesaw. Another student turned the video over to authorities, and a warrant was issued.

The teens, both students at North Cobb High School, are alleged to have repeatedly hit the possum with the baseball bat and then poured a mixture of bleach and ammonia over the four joeys [baby possums] that had been pulled off their mother and trapped in a box. The torture of the animals was said to have taken place in early April. Police have called this one of the most disturbing cases they have seen.

Both teens face five counts of aggravated animal cruelty. Williams has also been charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Williams’ bail was set at $22,200; he bonded out the day after his arrest.

Anyone with additional information is asked to call 770.590.5638.

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25 replies
  1. Marni Montanez says:

    This teen is 19?? GROW UP!! Why are these violent monsters allowed to bond out of jail? they should have to stay there and get what’s coming to them. How can anyone be so cruel??

  2. Nadya Rossi says:

    That name slays me! Honest to God, WHERE do they get these names! Hang all these ignorant degenerates by their toenails!

  3. Mary Ann Clark says:

    They are true psychopaths and sociopaths that should never be free again! By rights they should be executed!

  4. pennysdachshunds says:

    Why ? Why? WHY? the bond should have been set for 1 MILLION DOLLAR’s !!! I HOPE HIS PARENT”S send this PSYCHOPATH to a Mental Health LOCKED DOWN FACILITY!! NEXT it will BE WORSE and HE will BE EUPHORIC with RAPTURE of HIS VICTIM’s suffering and pain!!! Watch out Mommy dearest and dear Daddy!!! you may drink acid filled cocktails or have acid thrown on you and go up in flames!!! HE needs to stay where he is guarded 24X7!! What did these little creatures and their mom do to set this individual off on such a demonic tangent!!

  5. Rachel Goldstein says:

    This makes me sick to my stomach. Those boys should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. My heart is so heavy for that little family. May they Rest In Peace…

  6. Adrienne says:

    Big, strong thugs for torturing and killing a mother possum and then do the same to her babies using chemicals so that they die slowly. These scum need heavy prison time with thugs that are worse than they are and show them no mercy either. The same has to be done to them for them to comprehend what horrific things they have done. An eye for an eye should be applied here. Hope their parents are proud of their vile,evil spawn.

    • Betty grant says:

      I do agree with you an eye for an eye
      They put them in jail and all your doing is giving them a life of Luxury With your tax money that is why they should get the same killing done to them as they did to the

  7. Dana says:

    This makes my heart literally ache for this Momma and her babies. They were tortured and terrified by these evil monsters that have no compassion and obviously enjoyed the torture, they need to be punished to the fullest. Expose their mean cruel faces so everyone knows who they are and then throw their sorry asses in jail and don’t let them out. I’ve never heard of such a thing. Disgraceful???????? R.I.P. Momma and babies

  8. Louisa Cornell says:

    Nothing will happen to them. They will receive a slap on the wrist. Parents who raise this sort of monster will not see anything wrong with what he did. They will defend him no matter what he does next or who he kills. Unfortunately, until he crosses someone with a worse upbringing and worse moral compass than him he will continue to go through life picking on the innocent and enjoying the torture of the defenseless. Some stupid girl will hook up with him and have children. I hope not. I hope the bigger and badder person in his future shows up sooner rather than later and takes this waste of flesh and oxygen out of the gene pool permanently.

  9. vicki hood says:

    Please, no leniency on these two. We need to watch and demand from the prosecution the most severe of punishments possible. The courts, the judge, the DA–EVERYONE needs to put this sewer scum away for a very long, very uncomfortable sentence. Hard labor. no protection from fellow inmates who despise animal cruelty. Bubbas are really great people. Why didn’t the person who took the video step in to protect? Can they be prosecuted as well?

  10. Nancy Raymond says:

    Two punk ghetto rats who deserve NO mercy whatsoever. Anyone that can torture and murder something that has no defense shows exactly that they are spineless punks who are nothing more than serial killers in training. They need to feel the full punishment that they both so well deserve. Two sociopaths/psychopaths who there is no hope for and should be treated like the vile cretins they proved they are. Just lock them up and forget about them.

  11. Diana Rowell says:

    Baby KILLERS in the making. Mark my words, if the judge doesn’t hit these two freaks hard, they WILL go on to hurt, torture and kill other animals, then turn to children. Period!

  12. Red says:

    I think it is time for people to wake up and see what all this hatred is causing. We are seeing some of the most VILE and DISGUSTING excuses for teenagers ever!! All the hatred that is being spewed in this world just because someone believes differently than you is INSANE…… all this hate in being ingested by kids now and it is becoming a horrible world.
    RIP sweet possum and babies….. you were murdered in a horrendous way by very sick monsters!

  13. Pamela Garlisch says:

    I think that instead of experimenting on animals, we need to start using these people for our experiments and let them feel the same thing that the poor animals feel. Let them run on a treadmill, then induce a heart attack, fill them full of narcotics and experiment away!

  14. Shelly Berchem says:

    Little low life bastards need to be locked up and beat the shit of them both! Makes me sick to know their are INSANE INHUMANE POS LIVING & BREATHING the air that God Created and yet this is what they do with their time in life KILL INNOCENT PRECIOUS CREATURE’S that have done nothing to either of them! They are demented and need to be locked away and held accountable. Maybe they will get the shit beat out of them in jail. Maybe bleach will be poured on them… Maybe someone will take a bat to them both and see how the hell they like it… They have no idea how precious each living creature that God Created is and that each one of those creature’s have a PURPOSE that is why GOD CREATED THEM!!!

  15. PAMELA D says:

    Low life useless POS needs a baseball bat to their skulls. Hope they slowly rot and die in the near future. Little punks like this I want to torture till they are in severe pain for what they have done.

  16. Amelia says:

    I taught in a school at a residential facility for children 4 to 19 years old with severe behavior disorders. Speaking from 25 years experience… lock them up, don’t let them out. Do NOT let them around younger kids or animals. Observe their whereabouts. Keep instruments, cutlery, utensils, weapons secured. This was NOT their first torture/kill nor will it ever be their last. There is no help ggetting over this. It simply leads to more abuse, more animal victims, human victims…

  17. Julie Enos says:

    This is the future generation I am glad I will be dead ???? by then and will not have to live in it. Unfortunately their are many others that are not sick like these punks and they will have to deal with them. I feel sorry for all of the good ones I will be leaving behind. Now is the time for you all to be getting stricter laws into place.


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