Owner surrendered dying dog – being eaten alive by maggots

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A Texas rescue group was left speechless after seeing the dismal condition that a senior dog was in after his owner left him at an animal shelter. Dallas Dog RRR- Rescue.Rehab.Reform. wrote:

There is no comparison he was 14 years old owned and surrender to the ACO in the South Texas shelter. He did not even bother to give the officer his name.

Help offered, but it was too late

The rescue group immediately offered to help the senior dog – but it was too late. The dog had been so horribly neglected by his owner that he was at death’s door – too far gone to be saved. The rescue agency said:

The doctors said he was to FAR GONE to help him. He was being eaten from the inside
out, his body was shutting die and he was septic. I will say it again he was OWNED, the left him outside to dead. He was covered in MAGGOTS in every wound. They were in his urinary tract and anal cavity. I have so many choice words, CHARGES are being filed and the owners will be arrested.

A call for action

The rescue group is pleading for help:

Texas wake up this is not OK this is an ongoing issue and yet you continue to turn a blind eye. WAKE UP, MAKE LAWS that PROTECT and can be ENFORCED the dogs deserve more. The shelter named him “Hero” he had it just short time, he NEVER knew love and was treated like trash!!!!

This was NOT A DALLAS dog but the city needs to step it up and get an animal cruelty unit with the DALLAS POLICE DEPARTMENT please call your local representative and tell them you want a Animal Cruelty Unit NOW!

Dallas City Council Representatives

Dallas City Council

1500 Marilla Street
Room 5EN
Dallas TX 75201

Mayor Mike Rawlings
mike.rawlings@dallascityhall.com, (214) 670-3301

District 1 – Scott Griggs
scott.griggs@dallascityhall.com, (214) 670-0776

District 2 – Adam Medrano
adam.medrano@dallascityhall.com, (214) 670-4048

District 3 – Casey Thomas II
richard.soto@dallascityhall.com, (214) 670-0777

District 4 – Dwayne R. Caraway
District4@DallasCityHall.com, (214) 670-0781

District 5 – Rickey Callahan
rick.callahan@dallascityhall.com, (214) 670-4052

District 6 – Omar Narvaez
Laura.Cadena@dallascityhall.com, (214) 670-4199

District 7 – Kevin Felder
district7@dallascityhall.com, (214) 670-4689

District 8 – Tennel Atkins
maria.salazar2@dallascityhall.com, (214) 670-4066

District 9 – Mark Clayton
emily.worland@dallascityhall.com, (214) 670-4069

District 10 – Adam McGough

adam.mcgough@dallascityhall.com, (214) 670-4068

District 11 – Lee Kleinman
sophia.figueroa@dallascityhall.com, (214) 670-7817

District 12 – Sandy Greyson
sandy.greyson@dallascityhall.com, (214) 670-4067

District 13 – Jennifer S. Gates
jennifer.gates@dallascityhall.com, (214) 670-3816

District 14 – Philip T. Kingston,

Philip.Kingston@dallascityhall.com, (214) 670-5415

City Manager – T.C. Broadnax
TC.Broadnax@dallascityhall.com, (214) 670-3302

The damning video of owner’s blatant neglect

Visit the rescue group on Facebook (here) to see the video of the dog who was so horribly neglected.

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15 replies

    why do people have a dog if they keep it outside. my dogs have a doggie door, 24/7. once they are house broken, no problem. these kind of owners are evil that don’t take care of their animals. tie them up outside for a couple of months, see how they like it.

  2. Jan Barnes says:

    Forget jail! Tie up this disgusting sleaze ball and take him where the insects can eat him from both the outside in and the inside out. Check back on him in about a month …

  3. Denise Moore says:

    I pray action is taken against the owner there is no reason to allow a dog to suffer like this and then dump it to be euthanized. Some humans are disgusting thank you for helping him cross over the rainbow bridge no more suffering.RIP Hero

  4. pennysdachshunds says:


  5. Julie Enos says:

    This is sad to think this poor dog was treated this way left to die slowly this way, all the time wondering what he did wrong? And I guarantee you if they had gotten him vet care and then taken him home, he would have loved them still, because they love unconditionally.

  6. PAMELA D says:

    This sick ass POS owner gave this poor dog a terrible life and couldn’t be bothered getting him medical attention. What makes me really laugh is ………do these screwballs ever think what they do to animals would they have liked it if their mother did this shit to them and too bad she didn’t. These sick sorry ass low life POS scumbags I just have sorry ass words to describe these insane assholes who own animals. I hope at some point of time this dog had a nice life. This makes me sick enough to want to beat the living shit out of these owners.

  7. vicki hood says:

    From the mayor on down, How disgusting can you get? Dallas sucks when it comes to decency and ethics. Animals, who have the same feelings as you, suffer in Dallas and most of Texas. Your livestock suffers in the worst possible manner. I wouldn’t dream of even befriending anyone from Texas as they would be devoid of compassion, knowledge, ethics and in a word–decency. Clean up your act or the suffering you dish out will backfire.

  8. Adrienne says:

    A Hero you are to have held on this long until you were in loving arms to die. How could anyone allow this to happen? Where are the caring people in Texas to let this happen? Politicians at all levels need to step up and immediately do something about this situation. It can’t keep going on where these poor animals suffer so much before they finally die. I highly doubt there are any politicians who would let this happen to their dog or cat , so why the states homeless animals? Because they probably haven’t been told how bad the situation is in there state because they are too busy trying to impeach a President than deal with every day situations like this. Call and make noise so this is worked and end these deaths.

  9. Gizmos Mommy says:

    I hope whoever did this gets eaten alive from the inside out. I hope someone finds out who it is and feeds them something where they get worms that crawl around in “its” eyes or its brain or its penis. This is inexcusable.

  10. Bev Woodburn says:

    The vile and evil monster/s who allowed a precious and innocent dog to suffer in agony must be put to death. These animal torturing psycho depraved monster/s must be made to suffer in agony the same as a defenceless and innocent helpless old dog endured.
    RIP you precious old boy. You have crossed the Rainbow Bridge into beautiful Animal Heaven. Fly high precious boy. No more suffering just pure peace.
    The vile and evil monster/s who deliberately tortured you will be made to suffer. And I pray they die in agony. Which these vile and evil animal torturing psycho monsters deserve. Eradication from our planet is a must. Kill the monster/s slowly.

  11. Barbara Hartman says:

    Praying this uncaring owner is prosecuted to the fullest the law allows…needs to be treated the same slowly to death. This is how people will wake up and take better care or realize they shouldn’t own pets. Or, register as an animal abuser for life and cant be allowed near animals. Plus, check out family situation..could be abusive???


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