Dogs removed from AZ rescue group

Over 50 dogs removed from Arizona rescue group – many starved

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The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) has removed over 50 dogs from an Arizona rescue group – many of the dogs appear to have been neglected and one dog died.

Authorities were called out to Shelter Paws animal shelter at 8828 East Apache Trail in Mesa on Thursday after receiving a report that there were many “starved” dogs being kept in crates.

Release from MCSO

MCSO stated:

MCSO Deputies responded and observed over 50 dogs who were extremely malnourished and being
kept in confinement with feces present in their crates. Animal Crimes detectives were then called to the
scene to assume the investigation. A search warrant was served allowing detectives to closely examine
conditions and make a determination about whether to remove the animals or take any other action.

A death

Of the 53 dogs removed from the rescue agency, one died at an emergency veterinarian – the dog was said to be in “extremely poor condition.”  The remaining 52 dogs were taken to the MCSO Animal Safe Haven (MASH) facility in downtown Phoenix.

Starved dogs at shelter


“I want to first thank the individual who came forward,” said Sheriff Paul Penzone. “These dogs are now
in our care and we will ensure they have the opportunity to be brought back to full health. It’s
heartbreaking to see animals in this condition, and our investigators will seek charges as appropriate in
this case.”


Shelter owner Domenic Anthony Asprella may face animal cruelty charges pending the outcome of the investigation.

(Images MCSO)

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7 replies
  1. Susan says:

    There is no regulation of these rescue groups and I’m afraid many of them are in it for the donations. When county -run shelters give animals away to keep their kill numbers down they can be going to frauds like this. “Safe” doesn’t automatically mean the animal is out of danger, the suffering could be worse than euthanasia. Go look at their Facebook page. He was heralded as a fucking hero for taking dogs off death row….dogs who were abused. Anyone can claim they are a rescue organization without meeting any standards and without any verification. State-run shelters at least have a modicum of accountability. Non-profits should have to meet the same standard.

  2. Dalma Bugg says:

    What is all this “may” face animal cruelty charges. The law really is an ass – along with everybody involved in its administration and enforcement. It is blatantly obvious what has been going on at this establishment, so how is it possible that charges only “may” be laid?

    • Mo Gillespie says:

      I know Dalma Bugg, that statement makes me crazy. They need to step up and make these abusers serve some serious jail time…..

  3. Star Shelley says:

    Omg, this is so sad that this rescue probably took pledges from people who care about these animals and trust them to care for them and they probably just took the money and never care for these dogs. I pray these people have no peace in their heart, mind and soul with nightmares for the rest of their pathetic evil life


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