Disturbing video shows teens throwing rocks and kicking wildlife

In a disturbing video, Animal Care Services continues to investigate a case showing six teenagers throwing rocks and kicking wildlife around Elmendorf Lake Park.

According to MySanAntonioNews, the teens, ranging in ages from 13 to 15, have been identified with the help of a school administrator. The culprits can be seen throwing rocks and kicking black ducks that live in the area. One black duck appeared to have been kicked to death. The teens then threw the dead animals into the creek.

Animal Cruelty Services spokesperson, Lisa Norwood stated the video would not be released because of the minor ages of the children and will provide evidence in the case. The teens involved have been reported to have admitted taking part in the torture of violent acts against other wildlife including ducks and turtles.

The teens face misdemeanor animal cruelty charges.

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  1. Bev Woodburn says:

    Another lot of vile and evil lowlife animal torturing monster Teens that must be eradicated from our planet. They are the monsters on our planet. Kill the vile and evil bastards. I couldn’t care a shit how old these psycho animal torturing teen monsters are. These vile and evil animal torturing teen monsters from hell will continue torturing and killing the precious and innocent wildlife as well as other precious and innocent animals. So eradicate the monsters from our planet asap. They are the future Serial Killers.

  2. Gens says:

    I’m sure a few neighbors or school friends know who they are, a little gossip goes a long way, soon ALL the neighbors will know what they are living by.

  3. maxiemom says:

    I wonder how many of their neighbors’ pets these monsters / thugs have killed as well? Neighborhood strays? Bet they weren’t reported because their owners were simply either scared of their parents or of the teens .

    Charging them with misdemeanors is a joke. Does anyone seriously believe that these scumbags will stop with the lives they’ve already taken after they’ve been ‘punished’ this time? Sooner or later, they’ll work their way up to humans, if they haven’t already, unless they’re caged or changed (if that’s even possible because it almost never happens).

  4. Tracy Vaillancourt says:

    And here we have potential serial killers. Animal cruelty especially at this age is a serious sign of psychopathy.

  5. Dalma Bugg says:

    Misdemeanour Animal Cruelty? If they were over 18 it would be Felony Animal Cruelty. I think it’s time to bring back serious juvenile detention as well as serious jail terms. People are getting off scotfree for far too much these days, and spending time in jail now means living in the lap of luxury at most and at least a far better standard of living than most of the world’s population including the western world and we’re the ones paying for them to do so. Collective Government corruption has brought it about, and it’s time electors voted with their feet.


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