Tiny Maltese survived a week floating on couch after Hurricane Florence

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The Humane Society of Missouri rescued a tiny Maltese who survived for a week, floating on a couch alone, in the family’s home after Hurricane Florence.

According to the rescue organization, their relief team received a plea from a desperate homeowner who fled her flooded home, but her white pooch named Soshe had been left stranded in the Pender County house. Although the Disaster Response team had searched the area twice, the rising flood waters had made it impossible to get near the woman’s home.

Just a few days later as the waters receded,  the team paddled to the area and found the house. The video shows Chad Gard and Jessica Crampton wading through the deep water to the front door of the home. After kicking down the door, there was Soshe -wet and shivering on the couch, but very much alive. She was swooped up into the arms of her rescuers, and it wasn’t long before she was made comfortable and eating.

Another woman who can be seen in the video stated the dog’s owner had been a customer of hers at her farm and explained how distraught  Soshe’s owner had been because she couldn’t get to her dog.

(Photo and video of Maltese rescued Humane Society of Missouri)

Soshe has been reunited with her owner. Check out the video:


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An incredible rescue

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  1. Really? You fled your home, but COULDN’T TAKE YOUR “POCKET-PAL” ALONG???
    For God’s sake, woman: The dog fits in your PURSE!!!
    Grateful to learn she survived, despite her thoughtless owner: Innumerable others left their material belongings behind, but TOOK THEIR BELOVED COMPANIONS WITH THEM!@

  2. I am SO Happy this little dog WAS RESCUED and Managed to Live for a week freezing and starving: While the Owners that Abandoned Her were fine!!! What the Hell Here!! Distraught because they couldn’t Take Her.. Why the Hell NOT!!! I saw hundreds of dogs being taken in boats, pouches, and these people Knew prior to the incident what they were in store for!!! The people that went and got here are The HERO”S Here and Soshe!!! This pup is Indeed a Survivor !!!

  3. I am glad that this little dog survived and was saved but WHY was Soshe left behind? If I had to flee my home my pets would go with me or I would be floating on the couch with them! I will NEVER understand how someone leaves them behind!

  4. I am so very thankful this beautiful little girl was rescued and had safely waited out whst would have been the worst of her life, thank you also to the intrepid rescuers who put their own lives on the line daily throughout the Hurricane to save lives of people and animals regardless of whether or not stupid or selfish decisions had been made or people had followed official instructions.

    What I can’t understand is why they gave this precious little girl back to someone who abandoned her in the deadliest event of the season? That’s insane! This woman must have connections for them to make four trips to rescue her dog, and then she gets the poor little girl back. Why should that woman get her dog back when they charge other people for abandoning their dogs. She left the hurricane zone knowingly leaving her little defenceless dog to fend for herself without food knowing the place would flood. She should never be allowed any animals or work with them for the rest of her life.


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