Lawsuit filed after family ordered to cut off dog's head

Man forced to cut off his own dog’s head files hefty lawsuit

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A Georgia man, who was ordered to cut the head off of his own dog by a deputy, has filed a lawsuit against Crawford County, and the sheriff and deputies who were involved in the incident, reported AJC News. Joe Goodwin and Tosha Dacon, owners of the two-year-old dog named Big Boy, filed the lawsuit on Thursday, which states, “Under extreme emotional duress and distress, and under threat of incarceration and physical harm, Plaintiff Goodwin was forced to decapitate the dog with a knife.”

Big Boy was shot on December 1 when deputies responded to a call about an alleged bite – the authorities involved claim that the dog was killed after he lunged at them. Following Big Boy’s death, Deputy James Hollis ordered that the dog’s head be cut off for rabies testing.

Goodwin, who was understandably upset about the gruesome and bizarre request, proceeded, under duress, to remove his dog’s head…in front of his equally distraught family. The incident has been “traumatizing” for the dog’s family and Goodwin has even required counseling as a result. Goodwin has stated that he felt like he had to follow the authorities’ orders, or he would have been physically harmed (possibly shot) or arrested.

Read the original article about this situation here.

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16 replies
  1. Stephen Phillips says:


  2. Adrienne says:

    Crawford County, and the sheriff and deputies are in for one big lawsuit. If by accounts this incident is reported correctly, there was no need to force the owner to decapitate his own dog that they shot. If they were checking for rabies they should have put the dog in a bag and done that decapitation at the proper facility. No excuse or reason to have the owner forced to do that. Hope the family gets a decent reward for what they have been through.

  3. pamela bolton says:

    I hope he gets 100 million for such barbaric requests. this killing was uncalled for and totally bogus. Did they even check if he had rabies shots at all? I hope he takes the whole Crawford County AND the officer that shot the dog for all they can get. This killing of family members because “they are in fear for their life” is BULL S–T. This has to stop. If cops are afraid of dogs, give them a desk job. Then the only thing they will have to fear are PAPER CUTS!!!

  4. Pam says:

    Good for him. Hope he wins. He deserves more and pos deport needs to pay. Karma will get you. That was sooooo stupid. Sooooo power hungry man. Judge better be humanitarian. Or karma get his ass too!!!!!!!

  5. Red says:

    Good for him….. I hope he wins. However, they would have had to shoot me. There is absolutely no way in this world anyone could make me decapitate by fur kid. I hope this man wins MILLIONS AND MILLIONS and then goes after the AH cops in a civil suit!

  6. J. Martin says:

    Hope you win pal (except I want you to win more than what you asked for) . There was NO REASON to make you do it. Sick CRUEL, HEARTLESS bastards that are laughingly referred to as cops.

  7. Marni says:

    Good for them. Sue those cops. I really like and respect the police, but those who made him do this horrendous thing should be fired.

  8. maxiemom says:

    As I remember, the cop wouldn’t even allow him to get proof of his dog’s rabies vaccination even though the dog had been vaccinated.

    If he sues for $100 he’d be more than justified. I hope he wins and the scum responsible gets fired (and jailed).

  9. linda says:

    I have never known anyone to have to decapitate their dog’s head for a rabies test! Deputy James Hollis is one fucking ASSHOLE! Hey Deputy Hollis it was your job to take the dog to a vet and let them do the job you sadistic asshole!

  10. Nancy Raymond says:

    This total idiot of a deputy sheriff should be on trial – his actions were beyond deplorable – he had NO RIGHT to order Mr. Goodwin to mutilate Big Boy in any way whatsoever. What rock did Crawford County find this piss poor example of a cop under??? I hope Mr. Goodwin gets all the compensation requested – this douche bag deputy should be fired – he is nothing more than an out of control asshole with the brain power of horse manure.

  11. MP says:

    Sue each of those sadistic pigs personally for everything they’ve got (Pensions) along with the PD, forcing those sadistic bastards to eat out of dumpsters for the rest of their miserable lives. These corrupt assholes have to be put in their place, they’re getting way out of hand, enough is enough, they’ve forgotten who pays their salary. Mr. Goodwin, I wish you all the best and my heart goes out to you, don’t just sue the PD, sue those sadistic assholes individually, that will set an example for other thug cops to think twice before acting like big bad asses with guns.


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