Man charged with cruelty after discovery of matted maggot-infested dog

Man charged with cruelty after matted and maggot infested dog discovered

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On Monday, a New York man was charged with animal cruelty following the discovery of a filthy, matted, maggot-infested dog who was in his care. According to the Suffolk County SPCA, 61-year old Hakim El-Quhir, of Wyandanch, is facing an animal cruelty charge, specifically, failure to provide proper sustenance including veterinary care.

Man charged with cruelty

El-Quhir’s dog, Fluffy, was so matted that she was unable to walk or stand. The animal welfare agency described the eight-year-old dog’s pitiful condition:

“We were contacted by the Babylon Animal Shelter who had been contacted by a Veterinary Clinic, that a dog was crawling with maggots, fly larva, covered with feces and urine and was so severely matted that she was unable to walk or stand.”

Chief Gross said that animal cruelty will not be tolerated in Suffolk County. If you witness any incident of animal cruelty or neglect in Suffolk County please contact the Suffolk County SPCA at (631) 382-7722.

El-Quihir is scheduled to appear in First District Court in Central Islip on July 23, 2018.

From the Suffolk County SPCA:

A criminal charge is an accusation. A defendant is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.

“Protecting Suffolk County’s animals is the only job we do!”

How can you assist this victim of cruel neglect?

The animal shelter does not receive financial help from the accused man. A fundraiser has been established to help this neglected dog, as well as other animal abuse victims. Click here to read more about this fundraiser.

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9 replies
  1. maxiemom says:

    Look at that face! Underneath all of that is a truly beautiful dog!

    I don’t understand people like this. I just don’t.

    He deserves the absolute maximum amount of time possible with no time off and no plea deals. His dog was in Hell because of him. He deserves no mercy here.

  2. Gizmos Mommy says:

    Sadly this doesn’t surprise me. “Its” name identifies it as a maggot who treats women, children and pets lower than property. Sorry. That’s not being racist; it’s stating a fact. And if somebody doesn’t like it, oh well it’s truth.

  3. Adrienne says:

    I know that have pets is difficult for some to maintain especially when they are the small ones who when not groomed, have matted fur and overgrowth of fur on the paws and other areas. Grooming is the only way to take proper care of a pet like this ans wish there were low cost or no cost facilities for some people to take their pets to. Could make a difference in the care of an animal. I know, someone has to eventually pay for this work, but it could help owners who love their pets but really have no money to spare to groom them. Those are people who get by from paycheck to paycheck but love their pets, who are truly family members. Please don’t judge those type of owners because for some it is really hard. Each case is different.

    • kshartline says:

      Adrienne, What planet are you from? If the guy can’t afford the dog, then he don’t need the dog! Not rocket Science here. I’m not judging… It is what it is…. He Deliberately neglected and abused this dog willingly,he should have surrendered the poor animal if he can’t take care of it!!!!

  4. Nadya Rossi says:

    I knew what he looked like before ever seeing his photo. No Muslim should be allowed to adopt, foster or have care and control of a dog. Their prophet detested dogs and encouraged abuse and killing. We know how animals, esp. dogs, are treated in the hood. Do other ethnic groups abuse animals? Yes, but in this case, its guaranteed.

  5. Nancy Raymond says:

    O Hell, this man needs a severe ass kicking all over New York City – he let this poor dog get in horrific condition and did nothing to alleviate the obvious pain Fluffy was in – he should be made to pay ALL of this dog’s medical expenses – it is his fault for the neglect Fluffy suffered. At least the dog is not in NYCACC – that is no shelter, it is a slaughterhouse and Fluffy would have already been killed if sent there. I have zero empathy for this man, he saw the miserable state Fluffy was in and would have left it go on and on if not stopped. There are a certain element of humans who should never own animals and this jerk is one of them.


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