Homeless senior – he is not what most adopters are looking for

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Johnny is a mixed breed senior dog who is sitting in a kennel run at the Miami-Dade Animal Services facility in Florida. Unfortunately for Johnny, he is not the type of dog that most adopters are looking for. You see, Johnny is nine-years-old…he is no longer a puppy, or even a spry young dog, and he is not a purebred.

This senior dog’s challenges

Johnny has no control over his current situation. He has no control over his age, or his breed. Johnny is simply a sweet, older boy who needs a new family to call his own. Days ago, the following plea was issued on behalf of this deserving senior dog:

9 year old Senior Johnny #A1951445 so adorable, gentle and easy going. So much to love about him yet he’s not the kind of dog people goes to adopt😔 he’s older with few age related issues but he can still make someones life very sweet, the perfect companion for short walks and cuddling under a blanket. 

Your chance to help this senior dog

You may not live near the animal shelter where Johnny is being held, but that doesn’t meant that you are unable to make a difference in his life. You can help Johnny find a forever home by taking a moment to network his adoption information.

Senior dog needs a home

For more information about this animal, call:
Miami-Dade Animal Services at (305) 884-1101
Ask for information about animal ID number A1951445

Miami Dade Animal Services
3599 NW 79th Ave
Doral , Fl 33122

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9 replies
  1. Adrienne says:

    Nine years old is middle age since many dogs live to 15 or 16. Mine was 15 and would have continued if her hind legs weren’t giving out and her bladder and bowel movements were compromised. She would cry in the house if we were in another room because she couldn’t get up and was scared. This was a medium sized dog, so hard to pick up and carry around. We loved her and she loved us and that was the most important thing. Age is nothing.

  2. Nancy Raymond says:

    Passing by a senior dog like Johnny is foolish – senior dogs make the best pets – especially for those who live alone, are older, or do not have a lot of time to train a puppy. Way too many times young animals are dumped in shelters or sold on Craigslist because these dumb asses take puppies and then ‘don’t have time’ for them. A senior dog is fine left at home during work hours – when will people grow up and stop passing these great dogs by? Johnny would make a great addition to any family – AND to the rude, ignorant owners who dumped him – I hope when your butts are senior citizens your family decides to dump you in a filthy nursing home and ignore your existence – see how you feel.

    • Darla G says:

      Senior dogs are GREAT. My first senior was adopted by “accident” because the rescue thought he was younger. Two veterinarians, independently, determined he was 7 or 8 which is definitely a senior for a Lab. Buddy was the best dog ever and lived another 8 years. I miss him every day.


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