How could they? Rescue group heartbroken over “worst” owner surrender yet

Worst owner surrender
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How could they? How could someone let their dog get into this condition? Dallas Dog RRR introduced Facebook followers to a new intake named Hattie – her condition is appalling. The organization wrote:

I really don’t know how to put into words the pictures below, without getting overly emotional. I’m sad, upset, scared… hopeful? This may be the worst owner surrender we have taken in. How can someone let this happen to their pet? HOW?

The appalling lack of care

It didn’t take a veterinarian to point out that Hattie has lacked care for far too long – the pictures say everything. Amazingly, though Hattie’s owners have stated that her tumor has been growing for nearly two years…they did nothing for her, and sadly they will not be facing animal cruelty charges.

Moving forward

Hattie is finally in good hands and she will be receiving veterinary care. Whether or not she will be able to recover from this long term neglect is still unknown. According to the rescue group, Hattie is undergoing surgery at Vet Ranch to remove the massive tumor – stay tuned.

Find Hattie’s rescuers on Facebook here.

(Images via Facebook)

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  1. OMG! Did this owner take Hattie to a vet to see what this growth is or did she never go to the vet? What is wrong with people. If they had taken care of this growth when it started, I am sure it would never have gotten to this stage. Pray that Hattie pulls through ok and lives with a family that will really care for her.

  2. Oh my goodness, this poor beautiful and precious girl Hattie could never have deserved this. I agree it has to be one of the worst cases ever, at least that u e seen by following rescue sites for quite a few years now. The mind draws a blank as to how Hattie could ever recover from this, but my faith in the Vets who are allied with rescues as they do awesome work always and leave nothing to chance, and my Thoughts and Prayers for Hattie are that she will be as comfortable and painfree as possible from her surrender onward, that her surgeries would be successful so that’s she can heal and recover then move on to a wonderful life with a loving furever family. Lots of Hugs to you Hattie.

  3. Cannot believe that animal cruelty charges will not be filed. This is horrific. At least they had the decency to turn her over to someone that might be able to help her. She is in much better hands. Lots of prayers being sent that she will be able to make it through surgery and recuperation.

  4. Do you have link to Vet Ranch video of Hatties tumor removal?I saw it on my Vet Ranch Youtube notifications earlier but now cant find it.

  5. Un-fricking believable someone would allow for their dog to get like this. Praying for you to pull through Hattie and that you get a loving furever home

  6. We’ve all been asking, why are there no animal cruelty charges in this case? It’s high time someone gave a shot at getting charges laid. The sheer state of poor Hattie makes it so obvious she has at the very least been neglected to the point of torture – just the size of the tumour on such a small dog speaks volumes. Please explain how these owner’s can get off scotfree in this case.


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