Demolition of house with puppies

Homeowner began demolishing house despite knowing puppies were under porch

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Demolition was started on a house in Wilson, North Carolina, despite the property owner’s knowledge that there was a mother dog and her puppies living underneath the porch. According to ABC 11 News, on Thursday, volunteers with The Maggie Society arrived to the scene and tried to get the demolition halted, but the homeowner did not want to stop tearing the house apart with the bulldozer.

The man, identified as Carlos Lewis, finally stopped working when a city of Wilson inspections manager arrived and it was determined that Lewis did not have a current demolition permit on hand, reports the Wilson Times. Once the bulldozer was stopped, volunteers with the non-profit agency went to work to find the puppies and mother.

Laurie Robl Brumfield, founder of The Maggie Society, commented on the difficult situation, “We have a great crew that will go in and get them safely. We’ve done that numerous times, but this guy wasn’t giving anyone any time to work safely, so we just flooded the scene with our volunteers and lots of other good people from the community through a Facebook plea.”

Three live pups were located amidst the debris, but it is believed that some puppies died.

Puppies rescued

A Facebook post explains:

 Thanks to Brodie Heath, Leslie Taylor BunnBrie AnneJesse BrumfieldKaren Haislip RoseDebbi LongJoni WelfareRachelle White Andy MichaudGordon Deno Kathy York Fischel Judie Hemmerich the Wilson Fire Dept and so many more, three of the pups were able to be saved. Unfortunately we believe some were killed when the first half of the house was bulldozed. But with some amazing and brave people, demolition was halted before these three were killed.

The puppies’ mother is missing – it is believed that she ran away when the bulldozer started demolishing the house.

The Wilson County Sheriff’s Office has indicated to ABC 11 News that they will be investigating the incident.

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7 replies
  1. Adrienne says:

    Hopefully they will find the mother dog when she hears and sees her pups. Maybe the others are still ok,but only on inspection can they be sure they are gone. Use the bulldozer on this guy and do away with him as well as his former home. Didn’t even have a permit to do this, so this could have been immediately stopped but this scum just kept going on. If those pups are dead, then he should be brought up on felony charges and thrown in jail that scum .

    • Bunny Peters says:

      I agree with you and would add:

      This POS deserves to be locked up in prison and only leave in a pine box. I hope he dies alone, afraid, in horrible pain, and (worst of all) unloved. He is going to burn in Hell forever for his cruelty!!!!!!

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    Another POS with no regard for lives. He knew the mother dog and her puppies were there and decided to kill them, it’s that simple; I hope they charge this fool with animal abuse and I hope they find the mother dog.

  3. maxiemom says:

    I really hope they can find the mother dog. Maybe she was able to get some of the puppies out despite the best efforts of that evil POS to kill them.

    With luck, the next time that bulldozer starts, HE’LL be under the house and it will remove his sorry butt from the planet!

    Anyone cold hearted and evil enough not to stop demolishing a house when he knows there’s a mother dog and puppies underneath is vile beyond belief, especially when people are there to remove them!!! That b*****d probably gives everyone he meets the creeps.


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