Felony charges after 21 dead and rotting pit bulls found

Felony charges after discovery of 21 dead and rotting pit bulls

A Virginia man was charged with nearly two dozen felonies after 21 dead and rotting pit bulls were found at a Pochin Place home. According to the Daily Press, on Tuesday, 59-year-old Vernon Silver pleaded guilty to 23 felony animal cruelty charges (and multiple misdemeanors) stemming from the discovery of the dogs on property in March 2017.

Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney Ryan Zerby described the horrible condition of the dogs found:

“Some of the dogs were decomposed to a tar-like consistency. Some were so decomposed that fur fell off the bodies as the officers removed the dogs. … Conspicuously lacking in the house was any food of any type for the dogs.”

Prosecutors stated that they discovered dog fighting paraphernalia at the property – though Silver claimed that dealing with “gout” had caused him to not tend to feeding and providing water to the dogs. Silver’s sentencing will take place on March 22; he faces over 100 years behind bars.

This isn’t Silver’s first run-in with the wrong side of the law – in 2014 he was charged with 16 misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty, 16 misdemeanor counts of failure to provide for a dog; he was sentenced to just 10 days in jail for those charges.

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21 replies
    • Animal Advocate says:

      No excuses. If he can walk with crutches or a cane he can feed them. 16 misdemeanors before and only 10 days in jail. Give me a break. This sob’s should get the death penalty in the same way that they did to poor helpless animals. Hope the Judge prosecuted to the fullest extent. They should add every charge related to dogfighting as well and if he tossed state lines make it federal as well. He has gout but can move to fast guy and torture the poor figs! Sickening!

  1. Helen says:

    Disgusting worthless human trash. The bastard was probably running a dog fighting ring. I hope he does the 100 years in the slammer and may Bubba, the animal lover inmate visits him daily for a good kick in the ass.

  2. Debbie says:

    Are you idiots going to give him another 10 days?????!!!! WTF?! SERIOUSLY. What is it? You all into dog fighting? Making too much money to close it down? Something is seriously wrong with this entire picture and STINKS to high heaven!!!!!! Do you realize what the world thinks about scum like this????!!!!! And you basically let him go?!!!!!!!!! Angry doesn’t come close!!!!!!

    • Nancy Raymond says:

      Once again brain dead authorities rule! This hunk of sewer sludge named Vernon Silver should just be taken out and hung by his testicles – he has proven that his life is of absolutely NO value whatsoever. He needs to be eliminated from this earth as cruelly as he treated those dogs – another hunk of horse shit that should die – give him the same as he gave those poor dogs – NO MERCY!

  3. Red says:

    I sure wish it would be possible to throw this ugly a** monster in a cell, lock the door and NEVER, EVER FREAKING RETURN. Let this POS crap in his pants and starve to death!!! LIVE IN IT until his body just caves.
    I am so mad and so sick of these people abusing animals I just want to scream! WHY?? WHY????? Is it they are just weezels and it makes them feel TOUGH to kill an animal?

  4. Troy says:

    Kill him, kill all dog fighters, and kill all the little anti-pitbull cowards who think the abuse and neglect of these dogs is a good thing. I’d like to do it personally, a quick bullet to the head of every person who abuses and supports the abuse of animals.

  5. Animal Advocate says:

    With any luck maybe he will be offed in the slammer like a Jeffrey Dahmner! No longer a burden to society nor an animal abuser.

  6. Janie L. says:

    I hope he gets every one of those hundred plus years. But if other prisoners find out what he did, he won’t live long enough to enjoy those hundred years. One can hope.

  7. Adrienne says:

    He is a dog fighter and nothing more. Throw him in jail for a very long time and let the other inmates know what he did. Scum and the worst of our society.

  8. Marni says:

    And that lenient sentence last time of 10 days, only gave him the opportunity to starve other dogs.
    Gout or on gout, he was able to make a phone call to a rescue or humane society and get these dogs help. His condition is treatable by a doctor. And it is obvious he ate since he is still alive. He put those dogs through hell. Oh please judge give him the 100 years……..

  9. Linda Szymoniak says:

    If only authorities had given him a real punishment for the 2014 case, perhaps this wouldn’t have happened. Animal abuse needs to be taken MUCH MORE seriously than it is.

    • Nancy Raymond says:

      You would think that would have penetrated authorities heads by now – but apparently they are still as brain dead as ever.

  10. vicki Hood says:

    2014 conviction of many dogs starved and he got 10 days.. The system failed. This time he is up for 100 years. We need to be sure there is a stiff sentence and pray that Bubba takes most of Vernon Silvers meals. If the judge that passes sentence is lenient again, we will shout him out and demand justice. The poor innocents that Silvers tortured to death suffered so. Authorities were not watching then. Now we get to watch authorities. We want justice Good and proper justice for our innocents.

  11. Michelle says:

    Judge give this heartless piece of garbage the 100 years he so deserves. If he been dealt with properly the first time maybe this wouldn’t have happened. Peace to all the dogs who perished a horrible death.


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