Sweet kitty needs an angel

Sweet kitty, with painful eye condition, needs an angel

A sweet kitty, with a painful eye condition, is in need of an angel. His name is KC and he is being held at a “kill” facility. On Wednesday, the manager of a North Carolina animal rescue reached out to the Pet Rescue Report in a desperate attempt to find KC the miracle he needs to be saved.

Jamie, with Brother Wolf Animal Rescue, explained:

There is a sweet adult cat in the shelter right now that needs help and I’m hoping maybe you would share his story. He’s a 5 year old male orange tabby named KC. He’s got an awful eye condition called Entropian which causes both of his eyelids and eyelashes to roll inwards, causing a tremendous amount of discomfort and pain. It’s one of the worst cases of Entropian I’ve come across, and he has little to no chance of being adopted with his expensive medical needs. Entropian requires a surgery which will cost several hundred dollars or more. KC is very sweet and needs an angel who will take him in and get him the care he needs.

KC is currently at a small, under-funded animal shelter – the staff at the facility wants KC to be saved from an unthinkable fate, but they do not have the resources to give KC what he needs. Brother Wolf Animal Rescue wants to help this small shelter, and the animals in their care, but they are currently lacking the funds as well.

KC needs an angel…truth be told, he needs a miracle. Anyone who feels compelled to lend this sweet kitty a hand can call the shelter directly at McDowell County Animal Shelter; 3751 NC 226 S, Marion NC 28752. (828) 652-6643.
If anyone is willing to donate to sponsor KC’s care, they could donate to the shelter over the phone. They do not have an online donation link at this time.

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6 replies
  1. pennysdachshunds says:

    Sad thing is that there ISN”T a Hell of a lot of Compassionate Individuals in that whole State and it’s sister state .. Look at the brutal abuse, neglect, torture, killings, burning, maiming, hanging, starving, Hell I could go on and on about both North and South Carolina and places like McDowell Shelter and the kind people that do LIVE and CARE for animals are in such a struggle financially it is nearly impossible. I hope that someone will step up to the Plate for KC he looks like a good companion for an elder or housebound person. We are currently feeding 4 feral cats ( mom and 3) out of our shed this winter and hopefully can trap them in the Spring to get altered… right now lots of food and water is a necessity to keep them alive thru the winter…

    • Gale Parker says:

      So I have read more than enough to make me ill. As big as SC is and I know everyone is not poor or having it rough.
      No one in that state can find it in their hearts to take this baby on and take care of him?
      Shame on all of u.


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