dog remains found in woman's home

Caged dogs, starved to death, found in woman’s home

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The bodies of five dogs, apparently starved to death, were discovered inside of cages at a woman’s home in Fairfield, Connecticut. According to News 12 Connecticut, it appears that the owner of the dogs moved out and abandoned them at the residence located on 37 Prince St.

The horrible discovery

The authorities visited the residence last Wednesday after the landlord reported a terrible odor coming from the house. Responding officers found conditions described as “deplorable,” and the badly decomposed bodies of five dogs. The authorities have not yet released the woman’s name, but she is said to be someone involved in animal rescue.

On social media, the woman has been identified as the president of a local bully breed rescue group – until she has officially been charged, her name will not be released by the media. Photos of the residence’s interior are damning – garbage and needles are strewn throughout the home and skeletons can be seen inside of dog cages.

As soon as official charges have been filed, the Pet Rescue Report will update readers.

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Just a llama…taking a taxi ride

Spoiled much?


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  1. Susan says:

    Another reason why BSL is needed. Bully breeds at routinely abondoned, tortured and abused. The fewer of them the better. No more breeding and no more ownership unless you prove you can care for them.

  2. pennysdachshunds says:

    What is NEEDED is this Total Psychopathic , Evil , Individual BE PROSCUTED and PLACED in PRISON with a Cell Block of Devoted Animal Lovers… She Needs to be removed from Society at Large!!! What a Horrific Death for these Dogs Unfortunate to have THIS Lesser than HUMAN WASTE Being Their Caretaker!!! OMG!!!!


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