Young puppy’s paw grossly swollen after getting caught in barbwire

Puppy's paw grossly swollen
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A young puppy, just two weeks of age, has a grossly swollen paw after he got caught in some barbwire and his injury wasn’t promptly treated. The concerning situation was brought to light after he was dropped off at a veterinary clinic.

In a fundraiser for Save the Animals Rescue Society, the pup’s sad condition was recounted to Facebook followers:

Just 2 weeks old he has been dropped off at the Vet office with a severely injured leg after his leg was caught up in barbwire. His eyes are just opening up, his ears are still closed. He hasn’t even seen or heard anything in this world but has already experienced severe pain and neglect.

Now, away from his mom and his siblings the only family he knew, we will make sure that he is save and loved and that he will get anything he needs.
Right now Liam will need intense veterinary care and treatments. Most likely this little guy will lose his leg.

Helping little Liam

The puppy was taken to Best Friends Animal Hospital in Savannah, Georgia, for care. To make donations directly to the veterinarian office please call Best Friends Animal Hospital at 912-764-7387 for “Liam” under Stars Rescue!
You can also use paypal! use the family and friends option please to avoid fees our paypal is [email protected]


On Saturday, a promising update to Facebook gives hope that Liam is finding comfort and relief from his painful injury:

Was a bit of a challenging rather sleepless night until I figured out what kind of puppy milk, bottle and nipple he likes 😁 had it figured out around 4 am and he was a happy, satisfied baby afterwards.

Facebook thread about Liam here.

Liam’s newly created Facebook page can be found here.

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