Dog survives being taken by an eagle

Amazing survival – dog snatched by eagle is found miles away

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It’s an amazing story of survival – a tale almost too miraculous to believe. On Tuesday afternoon, an 8-pound dog named Zoey was snatched from her yard, not far from the banks of a Pennsylvania river, by a hungry eagle. According to the Associated Press, the Bichon Frise disappeared as the bird of prey flew away.

A tearful search for the missing dog ensued…owner Monica Newhard also posted a photo of her missing dog on Facebook and against all odds, the person who found Zoey, four miles away from her home, cold but very much alive, found the posting.

Newhard let her Facebook followers know that Zoey had been found “by an angel,” who has been identified as 51-year-old Christina Hartman:

Zoey was found yesterday afternoon the Angel that found her saw my story early this Am and reached out to us. Zoey’s Angel kept her warm, feed her warm soup and even allowed her to sleep with her last night.

Hartman, Zoey’s angel, described the little dog’s condition at the time that she was found, “I notice this little frozen dog, icicles hanging from all over. It could hardly move.” She was certain that the dog belonged to someone and was determined to get little Zoey back to her rightful owner.

Zoey is back home – she is a bit sore and somewhat out of sorts, but miraculously alive. Newhard assured everyone following this story that her pets will never go outside unattended again; she wrote:

My fur babies will never be allowed out again unless they are supervised.
Last night was the worst night of our lives. I even questioned why God keeps testing me. I even told my Friend I thought God hated me and then I woke up to a miracle. I believe God wanted me to know that he didn’t hate me and he gave me a miracle.

(Image via Facebook)

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8 replies
  1. Helen says:

    The owner is lucky that Zoey was found and alive. I’m sure she will never allow her dogs outside without supervision. I’ve know people who lost their small dogs to birds of prey.

  2. Stephen Phillips says:

    So… this is a “new” concept – to NOT let your companions outside, unattended???

    As an active advocate and rescuer, I have been preaching this concept for decades… not only to preclude such ‘”natural tragedies”, but more often to keep them from harm by “man-kind” – the quintessential oxymoron, if ever there was!

    Pet Rescue Report(s) – and a myriad of other news media – CONSTANTLY report incidents of abuse, anguish, suffering and mortality, from companions being poisoned, stolen, or shot … IN THEIR OWN YARDS!

    Honest-to-God, there outta be a test for ANYONE wishing to adopt (or “purchase”… an anathema, to those of us in rescue!) an animal of any kind – to determine if they’re even CAPABLE of comprehending the awesome responsibility incumbent upon those desiring the privilege of companion animal guardianship!

    It’s a MIRACLE, indeed, that this precious little soul survived at all – let alone, apparently unscathed: She could have died as a result of falling from a great height, being drowned in an icy river, or from being impaled by powerful talons!

    LESSON LEARNED (we can only hope)!

    • Pamela Garlisch says:

      Totally agree and there should be a common sense test for people that want to have children to see if they are capable of raising kids!

  3. Bunny Peters says:

    OMG???????????? I am so happy for Zoey and her family that she survived!!!!!!!!!!

    We have 2 raptor migrations each year in our area….. small pets are often snatched as they are unaware of aerial predators (& often so are their families, who let them out unattended in their yards)…..

    I have knocked over a wire pen more than once to protect our furbabies (& hawks have circled our yard for over an hour hoping for a chance to snatch our furbabies)……

    It’s a pet parent’s job to protect their furbaby…… I hope Zoey stays safe for the rest of her life!!!!!!

  4. ellen cottone says:

    your confusion on God’s hand in you life makes me wonder why god hasn’t giving up on you. maybe you should thank God instead of whining to god. and maybe you should grow some common may only have dumb luck and petty tests by god but at least strangers around you are more connected. thank you to the lady who got the poor dog to safety.
    And to the lady who almost lost the dog.
    try to use your head in life.
    And stop blaming god, when your the one not using you brains.eagale are no strangers to your area.your luck.
    now thank God and stop pestering him.


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