Canada snowmobilers rescue moose stuck in 6-foot-deep snow

A group of snowmobilers rescued a moose stuck in 6-foot-deep snow in western Newfoundland on Saturday. The men used shovels to free the moose after spotting the animal with barely his head peeking out from a deep hole.

According to Vice, Jonathan Anstey, who owns a snowmobiling riding clinic, Sledcore, described what happened as several riders set out on the trails near Deer Lake for a ride in the recent thickly powdered snow. That’s when the men spotted the moose stuck in the snow.

“We knew the moose was stuck really good,” Anstey stated in an interview. “He tried several times to get himself out of the hole, but he wasn’t getting anywhere.”

Even though the moose continued to struggle for his freedom, it seemed his hind legs were stuck. With his ears pinned back, the men just knew the animal was in extreme distress. So what are kind animal lovers to do when presented with an animal’s dire situation? The men grabbed their shovels and walked around to the back of the moose where they were safe from his struggles. It seemed the moose finally figured out he was stuck and had stopped moving – lying down to rest.

The men dug a path behind him, and as one of the men coaxed the animal to turn around, the moose found his footing and was able to pull himself out of the hole. Taking a few moments to rest and dry off, the moose turned around and looked at his rescuers in what the men stated was a “little thank you.” And then he was gone – safely returning to his home in the wild where he’s meant to live.

Although it is never recommended to get too close to wildlife – a moose is a powerful animal for sure, this wasn’t Anstey’s first moose rescue.

“We’d like to be known as a backcountry riding clinic and not a moose rescuer,” he said. “We do what we need to do to help the wild as much as possible and give them their space.”

And another group of heroes for wildlife, we all want  to thank.

Check out the video – it’s heartwarming:

Saving a stuck moose

Some snowmobilers with Sledcore found a moose stuck in snow, so stopped to help dig it out.Read more:

Posted by CBC Newfoundland and Labrador on Tuesday, January 2, 2018


(Photos of moose stuck in snow via video)


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  1. Nancy Raymond says:

    HUGE THANK YOU to Jonathan Anstey and his friends for stepping up and rescuing this moose from certain death – you are all HEROES – you saved a life.


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