Dogs lost in fire

Woman’s 14 dogs, rabbit and a pig, were all killed in horrific fire

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A woman lost everything when wildfires consumed her home and property in Santa Rosa, California. Patti Meyer lost her home and belongings, but nothing hit her as hard as the loss of her beloved animals. According to the San Francisco Gate, Meyer’s 14 dogs, a rabbit and a pig, all perished when the fire consumed her home.

As the devastating fire approached, Meyer was evacuated from her home – though she begged for her animals to be brought to safety as well, the authorities could only save her. After arriving at a temporary shelter, Meyer reached out to her ex-fiance, Sean Mallary, to see if he could help in any way.

Mallary recounted Meyer’s distress, “She was hysterical, screaming she’d been evacuated and the dogs were still in the house. I jumped in my van and drove as fast as I could; there were giant oak trees blowing down on the highway. When I got there, the house was already burned to the foundation.”

Eight Bernese mountain dogs, as well as a litter of newborn pups, were among the dead – Meyer breeds the dog as a hobby. She told SF Gate what the dogs meant to her, “They were like my children. All that’s important to me, all that I want, would be for my animals to have gotten out.”

Find the fundraisers which have been set up to help Meyer get back on her feet, here and here.

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9 replies
  1. Darla says:

    I’m sorry for the deaths of the animals – I hope they didn’t suffer. I’d say that her ex-fiance must be one heckuva great guy to do that for her. The other part of me, and I’ll probably get blasted for saying this but I don’t really care, is that I hope she doesn’t go back to breeding dogs – not with the millions of wonderful dogs killed in shelters every year in the USA.

    • Diana Roby says:

      This is such a tragedy. It breaks my heart. I am right with you on the breeding, especially since she does it as a “hobby”, whatever that means. I also live in Santa Rosa & my husband know someone that also breeds Bernese. I didn’t know that there was that much of a demand for them in Sonoma County. I wonder if Iggy, the Bernese that survived the fire, came from her. So much tragedy in this small part of No. CA. And it hasn’t been two weeks yet.

    • Animal Advocate says:

      I agree. So sad all the way around . I hope she doesn’t breed anymore either with millions in shelters and on the streets that need to be adopted!

  2. carrie ainsley says:

    Maybe this is on the firefighters and not on her, but it would have taken seconds for a litter of 3 week old puppies to get tossed in a pillow case and evacuated. The adult dogs could have been released outside or at least out of their crates and maybe lived?

    • Betty says:

      You are so right Carrie
      I wouldn’t of left the babies there and the mom would of had a chance
      So sad I wouldn’t go and leave them in the house
      Shame on her and the rescue people that took her out

  3. Red says:

    Prayers for your loss…..but you really should have listened to the authorities and GOT YOUR ANIMALS out of there sooner. Such a horrific loss.


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