Veterinarian faces cruelty charges

Veterinarian facing charges for animal cruelty

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A veterinarian in Florida is facing animal cruelty charges after investigators in Polk County discovered numerous neglected animals at her property. According to Wednesday’s Fox 13 News, 66-year-old Gail Anne Nichols, and her husband, Paul Craig Smith, were arrested and are facing felony cruelty charges for the deplorable conditions found at their property on Tuesday.

Investigators who responded to a tip about possible neglect discovered a rat infestation at the couple’s property, in addition to over two dozen neglected horses who were suffering with such overgrown hooves that three had to be euthanized. Eight dogs, severely infested with fleas, as well as neglected parrots, were also found.

Dr. Nichols is reported to have worked part-time at two area veterinary hospitals. According to the Ripoff Report, Nichols has been in trouble with the law in the past – read more here.

(Images via Polk County Sheriff’s Office)

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9 replies
  1. Adrienne says:

    They’ve been in legal trouble before yet still had a license to practice? Take their money and take care of these animals healthcare issues. Horrible people and kept doing this and finally got caught. Those poor animals in cages living in this disgusting facility.

  2. Tracy Whitcomb says:

    They need to go to Prison and stay there!!!! They have been up on charges before and still they were able to do this!!!! This is DEPLORABLE!!!!

  3. Barkley's Mom says:

    Reading the reports about this POS Veterinarian, makes me wonder why she is even on the streets. She should have had her license taken away a long time ago and be sitting in jail for abusing her mentally handicapped brother. She is a monster!

  4. paula calabrese says:

    omg i hope these two are convicted i hope they rott in jail and stay in prison for along time and never practice vetranary medicine ever God what heartless people what a disgrace.. karma is a Bitch i hope karma gets them both real good.. my heart goes out to all those animals who really suffered…….

  5. paula calabrese says:

    Those two heartless bastarts need to be thrown in jail i hope they get the same treatment they gave to those animals i hope they rotti in hell. i hope Karma gets them real good. these two scum bags should never be allowed to practice vetranary medicine i like to see the out come of this case. i for the love of animals i hope justice gets served they both rott in hell!!!!!!!


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