Teen sentenced to probation for abuse of puppy

Teen accused of shooting and stabbing puppy sentenced to probation

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A teenager in Rock Hill, South Carolina, has been sentenced to probation after pleading guilty to a charge of ill treatment of animals which resulted from his involvement in cruel abuse which left a six-week-old puppy with stab wounds and injuries from being repeatedly shot with a BB gun.

According to WNCN News, 18-year-old De’Monte Douglas was sentenced to just 18 months of probation on Monday for the February 21, 2016 incident. In court, Devon Nielson, Douglas’ public defender, stated, “He’s standing before your honor today saying I did this, I made this mistake, but our youthful offender act was put in place to allow a young man such as him to not have this wreck the rest of his life.”screenshot-854

Amazingly, despite being pelted 18 times with BBs, the puppy, dubbed “Brody,” recovered thanks to veterinary care provided by Ebenezer Animal Hospital; the puppy has since been adopted to a new family.

Douglas could have been sent to prison for three years for the cruel incident. According to Myrtle Beach Online, Judge Dan Hall did not sentence Douglas to prison time because “animal abuse does not rise above cases where there are human victims.”

(Photos/screenshots via Fox 2 News)



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  1. Cheryl Poindexter says:

    Innocent puppy tortured next are human beings. Should have sent the little bastard to the nut house before he kills someone.

  2. Mary Ann Clark says:

    This incompetent judge has just let this beginning sadist go on to become a full fledged serial killer! Ihope this judge is given a severe prison sentence for allowing him to be free to pursue his sadistic pleasures!

  3. Patty says:

    What an INSULT to the law! Judge Dan Hall, you are a joke! Apparently, you have NO idea and are IGNORANT to the research on violence and animal abuse being an indicator to violence / abuse to people. You are disgusting and an embarrassment to humanity!!!! You had in front of you the opportunity to make a difference, to make a statement, FOR GOD SAKES, TO DO THE RIGHT THING, and you did nothing. Wait till this teenage monster turns his violence and brutal entertainment to a child. Because it will be another innocent helpless victim. You can be REAL proud of yourself then !!!!! DISGUSTING !!

  4. pennysdachshund says:

    Does this indicate the So-Called -Judge things this Bastard is the “HUMAN” Victim” Anyone taking bets when this next Time Mr. Victim will be standing before the Court System ??? Next time it will be Sexual, Spousal, Child, Elder, that is the target … This little dog was so very lucky to be alive and away for this Putrid A/H!!! I bet the Public Defender is Laughing His Way At the Whole Judicial System of their stupidity!!!

  5. Roselyne CORNETTE says:

    Les animaux ont des sentiments donc ils sont humains, se consanguin n’a eu qu’une tape sur la main, quelle honte. Ne vous étonnez pas quand il assassinera des humains, c’est un futur criminel.

  6. Donna Schneider says:

    Just another probation case that should have been a felony! We have to keep fighting for them and make it stick!!

  7. tina goncalves says:

    Doint let me see you little fuck I hope you die in hell I want to do the same thing to you asshole you better you go to jail for a long time asshole fucker

    I hate people that hurt animals all people need to be shot

  8. Brenda Pennewitt says:

    Eighteen is a legal adult, not a “youthful offender”. He is a danger to not only other helpless animals, but children and anyone he decides to hurt, or kill. My brother was murdered by a man who did the exact same thing, from early childhood on. He beat a puppy with a tree branch, took baby birds from the nest and stomped them to death, put a cat down a sewer…In third grade he started picking on my brother, who was much smaller than him. He beat up girlfriends, little kids, and regularly beat up the mother of his child. When he was 20 and my brother 19, he stalked and murdered my brother. 72 stab wounds, slashed wrists and throat, and shotgun blast to the face. He got life in prison, but was paroled after 25 yrs. This is what happens when the law doesn’t take animal abuse seriously.

    • pennysdachshund says:

      I HEAR you loud and clear> I worked as a mental health nurse with adjudicated youth and with drug /alcohol abuse issues for over 20 years. What you speak is so very true… the progression is exactly as you describe. serial killers. Yet our Judges and prosecution ignore the very fact. the public defender thinks it is a game to get the client off!!! They could care less what happens to the next victim!!!! I am sorry to hear of your brother!

    • Kristine Gray says:

      You’re completely correct. Starts with animals & goes from there. The only way any difference can be made is by starting with harsh sentencing.
      I’m so sorry for you loss & having to go through that nightmare. May your brother RIP.

  9. Edward says:

    Hey you piece of black trash s*** I wish you would shoot me with a BB gun I beat the living crap out of you piece of garbage of course that piece in the public defender that got him the probation well maybe I’ll try to shoot him in the head with a BB gun for stupidity of letting him get away and the judges and other assholes will all the s*** there go on in like one of the people that come it said what about a child maybe you should shut up to the head would have gotten a real gun out of f****** what we got a pellet gun system sucks get your s*** together people you should have put me in a Big Bubba and see how we reacted I don’t think he would have tried to hurt Big Bubba mother f*****

  10. susispot says:

    Ok, judge. What will you think when he offends again and it is a human. You, sir, will be to whom we send our thanks, right??

  11. Doris H Lukes says:

    This adult offender needs to go to jail. Not sure what the judge had for Breakfast?? But anyone doing this to an animal will not shey from doing this to a child or any other person. So how long will it take till he points the gun at someone else. I hope it’s not the judges familie member or maybe his dog??? This is the reason why we have people doing this over and over again because the punishment did not fit the crime.

  12. Beth says:

    There is a BIG problem with the black community. This story is the same as yesterday and tomorrow. Why do Black people treat their pets like shit???

  13. Yvonne Ray says:

    This judge is beyond incompetent! I and other animal rights advocates worked closely with the F.B.I. to make animal abuse a Class A federal felony as of January 1 of last year because numerous in depth studies conducted by the F.B.I. determined that animal abusers often GRADUATED TO ABUSING PEOPLE!

  14. Kristine Gray says:

    Piece of crap Judge!! All the hard work citizens, rescue groups, SPCA’s & the police do to catch the scum bags who abuse & kill animals only for the judges to hand over a slap on the wrist when ultimately they are the only ones who can set an example that animal abuse will not be tolerated!! By letting these sick & demented suspects get off, you have just allowed there to be many more victims! Judges who do this are a disgrace to the legal system! Shame on you!!

  15. Susie vanover says:

    This is close to my heart,because i had a precious chihuahua that a s-o-b shot once with a bb gun and she was a puppy.My best friend got her n give her to me.it was next to her spine and any vet i seen said it was better not to bother it.she was a angel her whole life and she lived to be 14.I lost her 5yrs.ago,but my friend never told me who done it ,cause he didn’t want me in jail.I hope they are in hell now and i hope this scum n judge get done a lot worse than that poor puppy.anyone who abuses a dog is not human,n they should all get what they done to the dog.

  16. Caroline says:

    The judge shouldn’t be on the bench,he’s not fit to preside over such cases.The idiot has just unleashed a budding sociopath onto the world. Watch this space because in a few years time this evil sadistic b@st@rd will be on trial for a brutal murder or murders. He should’ve been sent to prison for his criminal actions.

  17. Christine J. Shrout says:

    Let him have just 1 BB shot and see how that one feels. To do it 18 times tells me he needs Anger Management. Next it will be a human.

  18. Laura Lee Wojtowicz says:

    Well dear judge. Your human fifth lowered himself into a monster and the devil is laughing. I take the puppy over that piece of s**t. I wonder what kind of evil the judge did to innocent animals????!!! He must think he’s God. Lord please rid of evil

  19. Trecia Juhnke says:

    This is so true.Until our furbabies are consider more than personal property,the judicial system will not side in their favor.He beat this charge and this is just the begining.He will probably continue this brutal behavior.He got away with this and his next challenge will be to beat the next victim and continue to beat the system.

  20. Brenda Minarik says:

    You let him go guess what he will graduate to bigger and better things in the meantime others will suffer at his hands maybe this time it will be a human not an animal????????????????????????????????????????????


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