Senior dog on the list to be put down

For months, senior dog has had zero interest – now he is on ‘the list’

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Update: Rescued!!

For months (since October!!) a senior dog named Irving has been held at California’s Riverside Animal Control agency. In the time that Irving has been incarcerated (through NO fault of his own) he has had zero interest, despite multiple attempts to promote him on social media.

On Monday, the Pet Rescue Report received a desperate plea to help save Irving from an untimely demise. The email request reads, “I’ve been desperately networking this poor old guy who’s been at the Riverside Shelter for 2 ½ months now and he is living day to day now, basically winning the shelter version of the hunger games everyday because he’s a such a sweetheart of a guy. I don’t know what else to do to get an adopter or rescue to take him. Irving has been at the shelter so long he’s starting to build a portfolio of PetHarbor photos.”

Irving’s advocate added:

The Riverside shelter obviously doesn’t want to kill him, but they are not a long-term facility, they are strictly animal control, and I was told by the staff that he is “extremely urgent” which is code for “any day now.”

Irving is still alive for one reason, and one reason only – the staff loves him. Despite the adoration of the animal control employees, the facility is not equipped to keep dogs forever (especially when there is a constant influx from people who are dumping their pets and the incoming strays).

You can help save Irving by taking a moment to share his adoption information – he is out of time and is relying on strangers to help.

Riverside Rescue Office 951-358-7302 or email to ADOPT or RESCUE IRVING (who is CODE RED) NOW!

Riverside Rescue Office 951-358-7302 or email

Petharbor link here.  ID#A1324877

Facebook thread here.

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  1. Catherine Staffy says:

    Poor love I really feel sorry for him. It seems the dog population outnumbers humans despite being spayed and neutered. And it doesn’t help that many owners dump their pets to shelters. Why bother and go all the way to keep a dog then throw him away. An owned dog or cat or any other animal for that is not disposable. Just as a baby, mother, father etc. Blooming heck !
    Pls keep us updated. I hope and pray someone somewhere, decides to give him a home, even at the last minute, poor mutt.

  2. JIM says:

    I think he should become the shelter mascot!
    He’s adorable and looks like a lover along with being so photogenic!
    Think about it…I see t-shirts and posters with his image on them to raise money for the shelter!!
    Woofs and hugs Irving!


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