Suspension without pay for deputy who let K9 die in car

Deputy suspended after K9 died in patrol car
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A sheriff’s deputy who forgot his K9 partner inside of a parked vehicle in DeKalb County, Indiana, earlier this month has been suspended without pay for 30 days. The tragic incident happened on July 6 when Deputy Courtney Fuller forgot K9 Mojo in a patrol car which was parked outside of his home for several hours.

By the time that Fuller realized that Mojo was not in his kennel, it was too late – the dog had died from heat stroke. An investigation into the incident determined that Deputy Fuller had not committed a crime, but he did violate “employee standards of conduct,” reported CBS News.

In addition to the 30-day suspension, Fuller has been stripped of his K9 handler duties. Shortly after K9 Mojo’s untimely demise, DeKalb County Sheriff Don Lauer stated:

“The DeKalb County Sheriff’s Department regrets this tragic mistake and mourns the loss of one of its members.”

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(Image screenshot via CBS News)

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  1. And the BIG BLUE WALL is alive and well – 30 days suspension is a joke – he ‘forgot’ about his partner – Hell – this piss poor example of a cop should be sitting in jail awaiting some cop hating inmate to give him what he really deserves. Courtney Fuller allowed his partner to die because of his neglect, stupidity and lack of conscience – great pick DeKalb County. You got a real winner there.

  2. I’m sorry, but 30 days suspension without pay is not enough. Regular citizens have animal cruelty charges placed against them, so why should police be held to a lower standard?

  3. Well isn’t this an appropriate punishment for KILLING your K-9 partner? (sarcasm) Again the boys in blue get away with murdering their K-9 who would die for them! Really? He “had not committed a crime, but he did violate “employee standards of conduct,”” I suppose we should be happy he “has been stripped of his K9 handler duties”.! I’m appalled that these dogs don’t mean any more than this to these police departments,. It makes it very hard to support the Police when they dole out a punishment like this! People who leave their pets in a hot car get a bigger punishment than this and why the Police aren’t held to a higher standard, I just don’t understand!

    • I couldn’t have said it any better, Barley’s Mom. This is such BS. He freaking killed his partner. That’s a crime in my book.

    • I TOTALLY AGREE! He VIOLATED company policy so much so and to the extent that Mojo died an AGONIZING death! Caring for Mojo WAS “part of his job” of being a K9 handler! He’s OBVIOUSLY not a dog person, an animal advocate, a dog lover…so, he should NEVER have another K9…..nor be a personal dog owner. Usually, K9 handlers LOVE their K9 and you can tell!! Whether, you leave your baby in a hot car or your pet, you are NOT made to be a parent of a baby or a FURbaby!!

  4. I can not even begin to imagine what an agonizing death it would be to a precious animal to slowly die of heat…..I see no reason or excuse that it should EVER HAPPEN!!!!!!! How in the HELL DO YOU FORGET you left an animal in a hot vehicle?

  5. Comment peut on oublier quelqu’un de la famille dans une voiture chaude, c’est impardonnable. Qu’on l’oubli aussi et jeter la clé

  6. Well what we HAVE HERE is the DOUBLE STANDARD POLICE ENTITLEMENT BILLSHIT!!!! While POOR MOJO suffered a death NO Dog should have to >>>>>SUFFER!!!!


  8. Not long enough for a suspension and he also needs to pay the department for however much they paid for Mojo!

  9. Definitely not good enough. This cop deserves to have his employment terminated, and never be allowed to serve again, or to ever own a pet too. One does not “forget” their partner sitting in the car, ever.


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