Husky is back home

‘Stolen’ husky is home – turns out situation was a misunderstanding

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A husky, who was presumably stolen from the driveway of his owner’s home over the weekend in Fort Bend County, Texas, is back home. According to Click 2 Houston News, the situation turned out to be a simple misunderstanding. The two-year-old dog, named “Fox” was taken away by a man on Saturday afternoon – surveillance video captured the scene and it appeared that Fox was being forced away from his home, and into a van.

According to the local news agency, the man in the video was actually a good Samaritan who thought that Fox was a lost dog who needed to be saved. Fox, a known escape artist, had slipped out of his yard and the man picked him up. Just one day later, a woman and her teenage son returned Fox to his home (presumably after seeing local media coverage).

Everyone involved in this situation is chalking the incident up to an unfortunate misunderstanding.

(Photo screenshot via Click 2 Houston News)

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  1. Dee says:

    And you would not knock on some doors. And the door of the yard he was taken from and ask. Is this your dog. Do you know who this dog belongs to.. So my dog is standing in my driveway. A man steps onto my property. Takes my do and drives off. Never says nothing to anyone. Strange

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    Um, Sorry I’m not entirely buying this story. You drag a dog away from a driveway without knocking on some doors to see if the dog belongs to someone around there? And why didn’t the “Good Samaritan” return the dog himself? Or maybe his wife and child decided it was the honorable thing to do? Anyway I’m glad they got their dog back, Now make sure it doesn’t stand in your driveway anymore so some “Good Samaritan” doesn’t drag him away again.

  3. pennysdachshund says:

    Actually This is Understandable !!! I too would pick up a dog if I thought it was in danger of being hit… I would call our local animal shelter and the police and notify them thought in case the owner had called about the dog being gone!!1

  4. linda says:

    Thank goodness for a happy ending. Even though it was a misunderstanding. Have to applaud the good Samaritan at least we know he’s concerned about animals.

  5. Cherryl Gallo-Trapolsi says:

    I’m sorry, this teen “son needs” ndz checked out! I’m the mother of a 15y/o, & I’d STILL have questions if it were him! Nevertheless…I’m grateful like HELL this dog is SAFE & HOME…in THAT PARTICULAR order!

  6. Jo Ellen says:

    This is the most ridiculous explanation. Lost dog? Did he knock on doors? Call the Police? TRY to find an owner? NO!!! He “took” the dog, made no attempt to find his owner then His wife brought the dog back. Sounds mighty fishy to me….

  7. Laura says:

    My dog was in the driveway while i was at the mailbox. Someone stopped and was calling him, he didnt go to her but i called him and she said oh is that your dog? He was in the yard, why was her first thought stray?

  8. susispot says:

    His people need to dog proof their yard if he continues to get out. I hope this was a wake up call and they get busy to keep him home and SAFE!!

  9. Joanne says:

    This was NOT a misunderstanding! The dog was STOLEN, it’s that simple! When the news about the stolen dog went viral and got a lot of news coverage, the thief got scared for his ass and did the right thing by returning the dog to his rightful owner. The dog is an expensive, purebred, beautiful dog and the thief just wanted to steal the dog. The thief showed absolutely no attempt to find the dog’s owner, he just raced off with the dog, not asking anyone in the neighborhood if they knew the dog’s owner. An honest, good intentioned person does not quickly take a dog from a person’s driveway and race off with the dog. The creep that STOLE the dog was NOT rescuing the dog, he is a thief, liar, heartless con-artist and cheap bastard that did not want to pay for a dog. I am not buying his rescue bullshit, not for one second. Until the stolen dog story went viral and went on the news, the thief did nothing to find the owner of the dog. The thief knew where the dog belonged, it belonged to the people of the driveway where he stole the dog. This was NOT a misunderstanding, the coward creep STOLE the dog, got scared when the story went viral and the thief was afraid for his ass and retuned the dog. That’s precisely what happened with the dog; nothing more and nothing less! Thank God the dog is back home where he belongs, not in the hands of that lying thief bastard!


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