Officer who shot dog used reasonable force

Review: Officer used ‘reasonable’ force when dog was shot

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After the conclusion of an internal review, it has been determined that the Marinette, Wisconsin, police officer who shot a family’s dog on August 17, used reasonable force. According to Saturday’s NBC 26 News, the authorities are backing the police officer’s decision to shoot the chocolate Labrador retriever who allegedly reacted in an aggressive manner.

Tiffany and Steve Goodlet’s dog, named “Remington,” was shot on a day when the family’s nine-year-old child and a friend dialed 911 multiple times and hung up the phone. An officer who responded to the hang-ups encountered Remington when he slipped out through a door at his home.

Neighbor Todd Smotucha recounted what he saw, “As he was approaching the driveway, I noticed the dog which was walking out through here and as he was entering the driveway he got a little ways in and then he pulled out his pistol and shot the dog for no reason.”

But the internal review by the department has cleared the officer of wrong-doing. The authorities have stated that the dog lunged at the officer and that the officer used “objectively reasonable force under the circumstances.”

A fundraiser to help the family cover Remington’s veterinary bills has raised nearly $5600.

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15 replies
  1. Pamela Garlisch says:

    Of course the police would stick by one of the own against what the witness said. Why should it be any different? We need more cameras on these cops! RIP Remington, I’m sorry!

  2. linda says:

    Ok #1 question their daughter doesn’t know what 911 means and calls and hangs up( she was playing games)..not good. #2 where’s the video for all of us to see IF the dog showed aggression. #3 it was “allegedly” attacking the police officer. I cry bullshit on the authorities and the police officer. Of course they’re out to protect themselves.

  3. BA says:

    I AM SO SO SICK OF HEARING THESE LIES!!!!!! they use the same line to get away with slaughtering innocent dogs – no body am, no proof just storys they use to get away with killing an innocent family member….if he was in such “danger: why not call animal control? go to your car and call for help, NO IT MUST BE GUN SHOTS…these officers need to be trained and animal haters get lost!!!!! I think with all our ta dollars they need body cams to prove there storys!!!!!! they can lie and lie and animals are dead!!!!! INJUSTICE O M G

  4. Melissa Waite Stamps says:

    Tiffany and Steve Goodllet should get a lawyer to appeal this case and take it to a higher court and less corrupt judge. Their beautiful Dog was killed. Did the police even have a search warrant or probable cause? They have a witness. This pattern of cops killing innococent, or animals
    protecting their home is an outrage and violation. The more people that continue to challenge
    thi, the more likely they will have to change the laws about animals.

  5. nancy lowery says:

    I don’t believe the officer he could have waited those who cleared him was not there to see what happen. The neighbor said what happened they took the officer word over eyewitness

  6. Barkley's Mom says:

    An “internal review” will always side with the police officers. You could have a dozen witnesses stating the dog was doing nothing and the word of the police will be believed every time. this could have all been avoided had the 9 year old not been calling 911 and hanging up. I hope he was punished for this! I’m sorry Remington had to pay the price. I hope and pray he will be alright.

  7. Pamela Bolton says:

    You knew the damn cops would back him up!! So disgusted of the cops shootings family members. If they are afraid of dogs, GET ANOTHER JOB!!! Unless that dog has their arm on their mouth there is NO reason to shoot !!!

  8. Nancy Raymond says:

    Another example of the BIG BLUE WALL cover up – NO way do I believe this garbage – another incompetent, irresponsible cop whose first and ONLY reaction is to shoot because they have a gun. The witness statements were ignored and the damn cop’s taken as absolute truth – Remington paid the price for a bunch of lies.

  9. Helen says:

    This is absolutely ridiculous. I don’t believe the Lab. was acting aggressive. The cop was probably afraid of dogs and over reacted when he encountered Remington walking on the drive way. The family should investigate whether they have legal recourse, at least compensation to pay for the Remington’s medical expense.

  10. Tracy Whitcomb says:

    That’s a crock of BULLSHIT!!!! If these Cops have to keep using this kind of force to feel safe, then they need to find another job. This is so stupid I cannot believe that they found him not guilty of this. JUST HORRIBLE!!!!

  11. Cynthia Como says:

    Of COURSE THEY CLEARED HIM! THEY ALWAYS DO AND ALWAYS WILL! Which is why these cruel cops do this and will continue to do this! They go for lethal force when they could use their taser!

  12. Sherry D Hadley says:

    I believe the neighbor, who was a witness, that said this was done for no reason. Why is an eye witness dismissed? This is bullshit. Policeman are sometimes either trigger happy or chicken shit and afraid of dogs. The family should take this into a court of law and sue those mother offers.


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