Frightened hawk found refuge from Hurricane Harvey in Houston man’s taxi

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Who knew a frightened hawk would seek out the help of a perfect stranger to escape the wrath of Hurricane Harvey? Just ask William Bruso, who had been out in his taxi along the coastal city of Houston on Saturday afternoon – who uploaded a series of videos on August 25 with the following caption:

“…a Coopers hawk is seeking refuge in my car and does not want to leave.”

The stunning looking hawk – a Cooper is a medium-sized hawk native to the continental United States, Canada and parts of Mexico. (no immigration issues with these birds mind you). In the first video, the hawk is sitting on the passenger seat of the cab – his wings in disarray and appearing to be very scared. Surely he had no idea, as the barometric pressure dropped and the winds started to pick up, Hurricane Harvey was making his land debut, but what’s a hawk to do? In a followup video, the hawk was being chased by a cat.

Readers commenting on the video thought the hawk’s left wing may have been injured by a car or an accident and had urged the taxi driver to find a wildlife rescue to take care of the bird. Naming the bird Harvey the Hurricane Hawk, Mr. Bruso followed up with nine additional videos. And even through at least three of the videos, Mr. Bruso continued to encourage Harvey to fly away, there was just no changing the bird’s mind. When Harvey moved to the top of the passenger door of the taxi, and managed to maintain his balance as the winds became stronger, Bruso put on a pair of gloves and asked:


“What do you do in a situation like this? He just doesn’t want to go.”

And so Mr. Bruso, who seemed to have a special bond with the young bird, had no issues with the hawk landing on his hand – never an aggressive move by Harvey, and the taxi driver rescuer, decided to keep the bird safe until after the storm. And when he picked up the supplies he needed to ride out the storm, Harvey the Hurricane Hawk settled in at home with his new human friend – waiting until the storm was over.

Harvey’s story has a happy ending.  On Saturday night, the final video showed Harvey being collected by Ivory Rose from the TWRC Wildlife Centre on the west side of Houston.

And it would seem we found another amazing human willing to help out a friend – no problem with being different species either.

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(Photos and video via screenshots Mr. Bruso)

Check out one of the videos:


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6 replies
  1. Susan Brummett says:

    I just watched the videos. It’s amazing how calm s/he is. Eating chicken hearts, drinking water. Not sure about using the facilities. S/he was picked up this morning by Texas Wildlife. Good luck, Sgt Harvey the Hurricane Hawk.

  2. linda says:

    Watched all the you tubes on Harvey. It had to be someone’s pet to be so comfortable around a human. So glad he’s in good hands

  3. Trish says:

    I think the news channel he was watching, should hire this guy, William Bruno, to do human interest stories…a little rough around the edges, but he’s likable and kind..I watched the videos twice; he’s entertaining. If I llived in Texas, I would tune in to see what stories he’s covering…enough of the journalist broadcast clones..I was one for a short time and transitioned to real estate.

  4. widesparrow131 says:

    I love birds of prey, so this saddens me deeply to see an injured little angel. I’m very glad that Harvey the Hurricane Hawk met Mister Bruso and I hope they continue to be lifelong friends until Bruso inevitably dies of heart disease.

    • tina says:

      The bird wasn’t injured. It was taken away by a wildlife organization and why would you comment for Mr. Bruso to die of heart disease? What a horrible thing to comment.


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