Red Bluff cop shoots two St. Bernard dogs running loose in neighborhood killing one

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Two St. Bernard dogs were shot on Sunday in Red Bluff, California; one is dead and the other is fighting for her life after an officer from the Red Bluff Police Department reported the dogs were aggressive, and he felt compelled to fire several shots killing one of the dogs and critically wounding the other.

According to Action News, police received a call regarding two St. Bernard dogs running loose on Nelson Drive. The person calling in the situation told authorities the dogs had chased a little girl riding her bicycle, and the dogs were acting aggressively. When an officer arrived, he stated he used pepper spray to deter the dogs at which time the dogs ran away. The officer said he followed the dogs in his patrol car trying to find out where they lived. As the dogs entered the yard of a home, the officer exited his patrol car and spoke with a neighbor, but suddenly the officer said the dogs began to bark and charged at him aggressively stating he became trapped between his car and a fence as the dogs approached. He then pulled his revolver and fired several shots at one of the dogs closest to him contending the other dog kept barking aggressively. He then fired at the second dog killing him.

The dogs were not immediately transported to emergency veterinary care as the one surviving dog bled; the officer stating the situation was not calm in the neighborhood.  The dog remains in critical condition.

During an investigation directly following the incident, the Tehama County District Attorney’s Office reported the dogs had just arrived in the neighborhood and had escaped their new surroundings.

A woman who witnessed the entire incident disagrees with what the police and district attorney’s office have reported. Amy Ball said she had never seen the dogs before in her neighborhood, and they were anything but aggressive; she was able to approach both dogs to look for collars so they could be returned to their owner. Neither of the dogs barked or growled when she came near them.

As Amy turned around to return home, she noticed the police officer arrive at the scene and went over to tell him the dogs were not aggressive. She stated the officer stayed in his vehicle, corralled the dogs and stated animal control was on their way, but no sooner had she started to walk back to her home, she heard multiple shots. Amy ran towards the officer screaming at him to stop as he reloaded his weapon. According to Amy, the second dog was not barking or approaching the officer – the dog had been walking away. The officer then shot the second dog.

The police report from the Red Bluff Police Department cites one of the dogs bit a resident, but has not provided any details as to the nature of the injury.

 “These dogs were not aggressive. The police report is all lies. I watched him murder the dogs. He was no where near a fence. He shot the dogs due to there large size. His words to me ” is it wrong for me to fear them due to size” after I told him I know you shot these dogs because they were large,” Amy posted on Facebook accompanied by the photos of the injured and dead dog lying in the middle of the street.

Another witness who offered to corral the dogs in his backyard until the owner could be located, videoed the disturbing situation. Detectives are continuing to investigate this case and have asked the community to be patient with the investigative process. Additional information will be provided at the conclusion of the investigation.

A GoFundMe has been set up to help with the veterinarian bills for the surviving St. Bernard named Alegra.

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(Photos two St. Bernard dogs via Facebook Amy Ball, Kevin Hutchinson)

Video is graphic:





34 replies
    • Lloyd says:


      • AnMarie Cooper says:

        If a k9 gets shot, shooter is charged for killing an officer of law.
        Also, if I shoot 2 cops killing one and injuring the other, for the reason that I felt threatened just because they were cops in uniform, who were approaching me aggressively(i was leaving crispy cream donuts)
        Both sides to consider. Cop who misread the situation reacting based on given info to the scene. And witnesses who knew what they seen themselves, not all day dogs been loose in neighborhood. Can’t make an opinion cuz this isn’t personal for me…

  1. Bunny Peters says:

    I believe the neighbors who claim the dogs were not aggressive. I feel badly for their family who must deal with the loss of one family member and possibly the loss of another family member….. I think this POS simply wanted to kill these dogs……

    Sadly, this POS is not unique (have to deal with reality)….. until animal protection laws are strengthened everywhere (even in the USA), are actually enforced and punishments are severe, we will continue to have POSs’ with extreme cruelty, treating animals purely as inanimate objects…..

    This POS should NOT be a cop or allowed to deal with the public in any capacity…..

    I know there is a special place in Hell reserved for this POS. I hope he gets there ASAP after a painful and terrifying death…..

    Moving is tough enough on humans (& it’s easy for a careless human to allow an animal to escape during the craziness of the move and “settling in” period)…… Too bad that the animal pays for human stupidity with its life…….

    During a move or extended home repairs, I board our furbabies with our veterinarian. After the move or work is complete, then I bring the furbabies home…..

  2. Helen says:

    St Bernards are not known to be aggressive. It’s shameful that this office felt the need to shoot the dogs, killing one and seriously wounded the other. It’s also disgusting and darn cruel to not give immediate medical attention to the injured dogs. Maybe the dead dog could have survived if it received immediate care. I agree the officer was just scared because the dogs are large, but that’s no excuse. This officer should be suspended without pay until further investigation, and the police dept. must be liable for all medical expenses related to this shooting incident, including respectful disposal of the dead dog. Police officers can not go around shooting someone’s pet because they feel threatened, without consequences. Unless the dog has rabies or mentally deranged, a dog that feels threatened or protecting its home will give you warning before it will attack. You must know the dog’s body language. Obviously, most police officers are not “dog trained” and should be. People who are afraid of dogs should not be police officers. Also, where was the owner and why were the dogs running freely on the streets.
    RIP big pup. I pray the injured dog makes it and reunited with its owner, if appropriate.

    • Sara says:

      according to other reports the owners were in the process of moving in and the dogs were in the neighbors garage so they could move stuff and they escaped the garage. I don’t believe this owner allowed the dogs to roam, accidents happen and a dog can get loose. Most Saint Bernard owners do not let their dogs roam loose

  3. Nancy Raymond says:

    This piss poor example of a cop once again proves some should never be on any police force – he was scared because the dogs are large – what a douche bag excuse. If he was so terrified of two St. Bernard dogs, he should have kept his pussy ass in his cop car until Animal Control arrived. This idiot should only be allowed to carry a squirt gun – he murdered one dog, critically injured the second – make him pay all vet bills and get him off the Red Bluff police force – he is a HUGE black eye to your community.

  4. Darlene Dynega says:

    Another POS police officer kills one dog and critically wounds the other. When are these killing police officers going to be held accountable?.

  5. Kimberly M says:

    This is just horrific!! My heart is broken

  6. Pamela Garlisch says:

    The cop looks so arrogant and why doesn’t he help the one that’s still alive but hurt? How can that dog hurt him now? Some (or most) cops think they are above the law, shame on them. Keep recording everything people and don’t let this get swept under the rug. RIP furbaby.

  7. BTFrost says:

    RIP Allegra and Annie. I feel so bad that Allegra had to watch her own baby(Annie) get shot 8 times in the face and then the terror of having the gun turn on her as she cowered.

  8. Jacqueline Kenny says:

    I do believe the man who videotaped the cop and the woman who witnessed the dogs being normal. This cop looks like a cocky asshole I truly hope the owners sue this town. Just last week here in Rhode Island 8 cops put 40 bullets into an 19 year old. WTF is wrong with our police?

  9. Jill Kadron says:

    I hope the cop that did this to these precious beautiful furkids that we call “SAINT” bernards…………. They are overgrown, lumpy, dumpy, slow runners with a big heart and are known to America as the dog with the barrel under their neck. 16 bullets! First of all, you let them suffer. You stood there and did nothing. You are lucky it wasn’t my furkids because I woulda got you with ONE SHOT. This story is bullsh*t. This was your target practice. I hope you lose everything precious to you. You are a worthless, dickless POS THUG in blue. You make the good cops (and there are plenty of them out there, shaking their heads to what you have done) look like idiots. Its a shame this country doesn’t have public hangings. If we did, 30 assholes like you, wouldn’t do this every day. God sees everything. I hope this goes through your mind, every moment you breath. I know on this Earth, you will be in your own PERSONAL HELL.

  10. Terri Hardy says:

    The officer has a right and duty to protec himself and the general public. And St. Bernards can be aggressive. Goodness, a 120lb dog pair comes at you barking, circling you and acting aggressively???? Of course he could shoot them. What if they did that to a child? The dogs should not have been loose. I understand that accidents happen, and they may have accidentally gotten out. But, the officer couldn’t reason with a dog. He couldn’t discuss the discuss what the dog’s intentions were. He protected himself and the public. When my son was four the neighbor’s st bernard dog attacked him. He had 150 stitches, and ended up at St Johns. The dog had always acted fine to all the neighborhood kids. But he chased down my son and bit him in the face. You can’t reason with a dog, especially a hundred plus pound dog who just suddenly bites. The officer had a right and a duty to protect himself and the public.

  11. Mara T says:

    What a douche bag cop. I am a LEO, and I am pretty sure that I can attest to this piece of shit being in the news again for shooting innocent people the NEXT time – because it will happen again. I catch and save strays, and if they growl or show aggression, I don’t…they go on their way and I go on mine. I’ve saved at least 13 dogs and several cats, not counting the ones I’ve only fed because they didn’t want to be leashed. I’ve never been bitten, never had to make or shoot an animal, and I’m not an Animal Control officer, I just work in a part of the city where dogfighting and breeding are prevalent. There is no excuse for these stories to keep happening. If you can’t handle yourself around innocent animals that are, more often than not victims of our cruelty, than you have no business trying to conduct police work where people actually have ill intentions towards one another and are trying to cause harm and not just protect themselves.

    • Aaron Revak says:

      Nice post, good to hear. I am not a big fan of LEO for this exact reason. Reckless violence and bullying. Hopefully his bodycam footage will set him free or incriminate him. Unless, he conveniently forgot to turn it on. Sickening!

  12. Vicki Burgess says:

    I viewed this video and it is nothing but a narrative by the person filming. It shows no evidence of what happened to the dogs. Did the person filming the video witness the shooting of the dogs? It is just his opinion that is being filmed.

  13. Nicole says:

    This is absolutely appalling. This disgusting man needs to be fired and jailed for committing such a sadistic act. These innocent and loving dogs did not deserve to die because of his arrogant, heinous actions.

  14. Dale McVey says:

    I didn’t read all the feedback. We have 2 St Bernards and anyone, regardless of their level, ever hurts one of them, we will have a very serious problem. And i’m ex-military, ex-cop.

  15. Debbie says:

    When is this ever going to stop….lthis needs to be investigated & the officer who shot those beautiful dogs should be fired….too quick to use the gun…..the 1st dog died at the scene & the second died at the emergency vet…why didn’t that jerk have the dog who lived taken to the vet immediately ….he could have lived……if they were my dogs I would push for that police man to be relieved of his duties & fired. THIS IS TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE.

  16. Saint Owner of Miss Maya says:

    Glad I do not live in the area as this could have easily have been my Saint Maya, no words to help the owners in this situation. I hate to see what this policeman would do in a serious situation if he had to unload his gun on a dog, then shot the other dog running away, fear for your pets if you live in this area, prayers to the owners and those within the area.

  17. Jim Evans says:

    Why couldn’t he just close the gate if he corralled the dogs why didn’t he just shut the gate of the yard. He seemed to show remorse at all and sort of smirked about it.

  18. S. Andrews says:

    Has anyone read news? They had 3 separate calls on these dogs?
    One of them was a mother calling about her 7 year old daughter being chased
    The other , a man being bitten.
    Don’t judge until the truth comes out , Really???


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