Horse submerged in oil vat hangs on to ledge with his two front hooves

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A horse discovered submerged in a partially buried oil vat storage tank on Friday used his two front hooves to hang over the ledge to keep him from drowning in the oil. The Atascosa County Animal Control and Atascosa County deputies rescued him on Friday night.

According to the Atascosa County Animal Control Facebook, Lt. Henry Doninguez was called in to help with the rescue. First the men put a halter on the horse to prevent him from going under and used a wooden plank to help as the horse’s legs became stuck on the ledge.

“We planned on calling in some heavy equipment to help lift the horse out but felt that there was no time. The horse’s breathing was labored from exhaustion and we feared that he was going into shock. We placed a rope onto the halter and began to pull. After what seemed like forever we were finally able to pull the horse partially out of the vat. His rear legs became wedged on the ledge which complicated matters worse. We used a long wood plank to lift his rear legs out of the oil and placed a rope around his rear legs.”

Rescuers stated the oil overfill was a partially buried oil storage tank and was at least six-feet deep. This was undoubtedly one very lucky horse. The oil company has been contacted to make sure they cover the hole and address the danger. One can only imagine if a child had been in the area. At last check, the horse was said to be doing fine; it didn’t appear he had ingested any oil, but he was one slippery and oily mess after his miraculous rescue.

Many thanks for all the brave and compassionate men who came out to help this horse. Rescuers do rock! Why not stop by the Atacosa County Animal Control  Facebook page and thank them – please tell them the Pet Rescue Report sent you.

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(Photos of horse submerged in oil vat via Atascosa County Animal Control)


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7 replies
  1. Adrienne says:

    Thanks to deputies and animal control for their superb rescue. They did a wonderful job and all should be publicly commended for their work. There are good people out there who are selfless and think of the animals they rescue. Great job!

  2. vicki hood says:

    Big hugs for rescuers. Great job! Now to oil company. Has this danger been corrected? How ’bout nice fat fine? Will there be prosecution? Will taxpayers pick up the bill for all involved in the rescue or Will courts make Oil company pay? Keep us posted.

  3. Red says:

    Thank you to these wonderful men for helping this poor horse and not just turning your head and moving on down the road. BLESS YOU GUYS!!!!

  4. Vicki H. says:

    one of the biggest pieces of this rescue was my friend Olivia Lochard, her mom and dad, Heather and Aaron. They volunteered to pull, brought the equipment to get the horse out oh and they rescue a lot. This can be verified by calling animal control. if you want to help their rescue im sure they’d appreciate it.


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