Man faces felony charge for beating girlfriend’s puppy to death

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A Florida man is facing a charge of felony animal cruelty for allegedly beating his girlfriend’s puppy to death. According to the Miami Herald, 29-year-old Jeffrey Hall admitted to the authorities that he fought with 10-month-old “Toby,” a pit bull, after the puppy bit him on the finger.

The authorities were alerted to the abusive situation after Toby’s dead body was taken to a veterinarian. A necropsy revealed the extent of brutality the puppy suffered before dying. The exam on Toby’s body showed, “injuries consistent with being beat with a fist, kicked or stomped and hit with an unknown object.” The pup also suffered a collapsed lung and a ruptured liver.

Hall was arrested and taken to the Manatee County jail on Wednesday. His girlfriend was apparently not at home when the abuse took place and the authorities do not believe that she was involved in the deadly situation.

(Screenshot via Miami Herald)

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16 replies
  1. Jennifer says:

    Death is required to be implemented for this POS fag and I am ready,willing and able to help implement this.I dare this vile puppy killing bastard to meet me face to face! OH YES!!!!

    • Micele says:

      I will help you carry out this Justice…. I have several other people who are ready willing and capable. I have long said in order to curb these issues from happening they need to do public execution televised to show people what happens when you misbehave in a heinous fashion.
      The next thing he’ll move onto is a child past history reveals that people who abused animals move on to humans next.

  2. maxiemom says:

    No doubt Toby had every reason to bite this vile POS, if a bite actually occurred. I hope this bastard is locked up for as long as the law allows, and that he burns in HELL.

  3. J. Martin says:

    Solution: Torture the SOB who did this … “Beat the supreme crap out of him”!!! Then throw his worthless ass in prison .. and let the other inmates … teach him a lesson.

  4. Adrienne says:

    Hopefully the girlfriend/owner of the dog has thrown him out or else this could have been her. He has a violent temper and the dog got what she could have one day. Having said that, I hope the judge commits him to serious jail time where he fellow dog loving inmates take care of him. That would be justice for this poor dog. Prison guards turn their heads on what they do to him. Strict jail time for thugs like this.

  5. Nancy Raymond says:

    O Jeffrey Hall – You are nothing more than a spineless cowardly sack of moldy garbage and deserve to be thrown in the nearest filthy body of water tied to a cement block. I truly hope there is a judge in Florida who has the backbone to give you exactly what you gave Toby – NO MERCY!

  6. Barkley's Mom says:

    I hope and pray the “girlfriend” runs from this POS! If he would do this to her dog, then she will be next. I personally couldn’t be with someone that would kill my dog, but some of these women don’t seem to have any sense at all! Rest in peace poor pup, you didn’t deserve this, and if you bit this monster it was deserved!

  7. Debbie says:

    I hope he had a lengthy jail sentence but knowing our court system and the way it works so perfectly to mock justice, I doubt it. Money game. He deserves to have someone grab him and take him out for a ride and a chat. Beat him, stomp him, beat him with objects, knock out his teeth, break bones” then drop him off in the jail parking lot . Sounds not near fair enough but it MIGHT make an impact!

  8. Micele says:

    Get rid of him? Put him in jail for a few days?That’s all you want to do?
    First of all I wouldn’t have such a retard in my house near any of my family but if my judgement lacks me and someone does cross my path capable of doing this you can rest a sure that I would get in my truck and run them over.


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