Dog takes bite out of intruder

Family’s protective dog seriously chomps on intruder

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Let’s hear it for the dogs! A Virginia family’s protective dog took a serious bite out of crime days ago – in fact, whoever made the mistake of entering Tristan Murrin’s house in Richmond left with significant injuries judging by the amount of blood that was splattered throughout his house.

Murrin went to social media to share his dog’s heroic act on August 10 – he wrote:

Last night we had a break in, luckily no one was home. My best friend Oden who is a German shepherd, protected my home and belongings when I wasn’t there, I couldn’t be more proud of him. Such an amazing breed that’s why everyone who doesn’t have an actual dog should consider on adopting or buying a dog. Please share and like to get the story out.

KTLA 5 reported that Oden isn’t typically an aggressive dog – but apparently he knows when to defend his home and family.

So far, no arrests have been made – undoubtedly there’s someone (maybe a few people) who are still licking their wounds after running into Oden.

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11 replies
  1. Bunny Peters says:

    GOOD dog, no, wait, GREAT dog!!!!!!!!!!!

    This furbaby deserves a special reward for saving the family home (as he knew he needed to do)!!!!!!!!!!

    I hope Oden stays healthy (no communicable diseases in the intruders’ blood)………

    Hope the police took blood samples to check in the DNA databases……. no doubt the POS’s who broke into this home are “experienced”………… Hope they are caught and locked up……..

    • Bunny Peters says:

      Don’t know the laws in VA, but here in CA, there have been lawsuits where the burglars have actually sued the homeowners for injuries that they (the burglars) sustained during the “break-in”…… with mixed results in the courts…….

      I certainly hope that this doesn’t happen in this situation (& if it does result in a lawsuit, the judge throws it out because the POS burglars got what they deserved)……….

      • Me" says:

        Simply put, it is amazing that VA has not seized the dog from his family and placed him on death row. They do like to murder dogs that take a bite out of anything including criminals.

  2. paula calabrese says:

    Dogs are our best friends when it comes down to break ins i have no remorse for the intruder who no right to be on the premises to begin with.serves the idiot Right he got what he deserved!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Barkley's Mom says:

    Good boy, I’m glad that he was able to curtail the bad guys! With all that blood, I’m surprised they haven’t found the perp, certainly they should need some medical attention!


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