Dog betrayed by fake rescuer

‘Fake’ rescuer pulls dog and then dumps her back at the shelter

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A beautiful German shepherd, named “Iris,” was betrayed when she was pulled from an animal shelter in Castaic, California, by a “rescuer” who turned around and dumped her back at the same facility a short time later.

The seven-year-old German shepherd, betrayed by the person who was supposed to save her life, was in jeopardy when she was taken back to the facility because she was now slapped with the label of “rescue only” thanks to whatever her “rescuer” told shelter staff. After Iris was returned, efforts to save her life began in earnest on social media.

The following plea was made for Iris to be spared:

Imagine you are are Iris for a minute. You end up at the Shelter, a rescue pulls you and takes you to their place, you don’t get along with one of their dogs on the property and that so-called rescue dumps you back at the shelter. Well this happened to poor Iris. Iris has a limited time left, and needs either an adopter or REPUTABLE and committed rescue to save her.

Thanks to the German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County, Iris will be saved. On Saturday, the abandoned dog will be pulled to safety and taken under the wing of the non-profit organization. Director Maria Dales told the Pet Rescue Report, ” we couldn’t leave her there to die.”

The rescue agency is looking for a foster home, or an adopter, for Iris. Learn more about how you can help at this link.

As for the initial “rescue” group which pulled Iris – the animal shelter will not release their name. Iris was betrayed by the group that had committed to help her – dumping her back at the shelter just days after she was pulled and indicating that she had behavioral issues was a virtual death sentence. If not for German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County, Iris would be dead.

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11 replies
  1. Christine Brown says:

    so glad that she she will be pulled out on Saturday of that shelter. Thank you German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County in doing this for Iris. For these people who did this to Iris i hope Karma gets her revenge on you as the story that you told the shelter was a load of bull shit

  2. Viki Hood says:

    So beautiful. Every dog that comes from a pound is entitled to have behavioral issues. It takes a bit for these innocents to come back to comfortable. If i were locked in what sounds like a very loud loony bin for even a day, i would come out a little different.

  3. Animsl Advocate says:

    Wish they could release the name do all of us in legitimate rescues could place them on a do not adopt, do not pull list

  4. Barkley's Mom says:

    This is disgusting, I’m glad German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County is stepping forward to rescue Iris, She won’t be abandoned again!

  5. Nancy Raymond says:

    The shelter in Castaic California SHOULD release this fake rescue group – this could easily happen again to another animal – Iris is safe, thanks to German Shepherd Rescue. Any animal taken in by this phony rescue group is in danger if people are unaware of who they are – PLEASE release the name of this place so people know not to use them.

  6. Cynthia Como says:

    OMG!! I’m over the moon that Iris has been saved! Iris is a stunningly beautiful girl and more than worth her weight in gold! HAVE A HAPPY AND HEALTHY LIFE BEAUTIFUL IRIS!!!

  7. Betsy Shearer says:

    What kind of a rescue doesn’t know that all shelter dogs need a minimum of 2-3 weeks of decompression? Particularly if they are going to a home where there are other dogs, and absolutely no introductions should be done until that decompression time is up. This is beyond my comprehension. If the shelter won’t release the name of this so called “rescue ” I hope at the very least they don’t let them take anymore dogs. To say this rescue doesn’t know what they are doing is an understatement!


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