Dog abandoned inside of house when her owners moved away

Dog abandoned in house
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A beautiful German shepherd was left to fend for herself when her family packed up their belongings and moved away, abandoning her inside of their home. The heartbreaking situation was shared with followers of the Rocky Ridge Refuge Facebook page on Tuesday.

According to Janice Wolf, founder of the rescue organization, the five-year-old dog, since dubbed “Ember,” was skin and bones by the time that she was discovered inside of the residence.

Wolf wrote:

She was alone there for several weeks before the neighbor finally heard her whimpering and sought help. She was close to death from dehydration and starvation at that point. She was so weak and suffered a hard fall that caused spinal trauma also.

She added:

These pics, taken after she was hydrated and eaten a few meals, don’t really show the degree of her emaciation because her thick fur hides the true extent. I will soon post updated photos and am happy to report that she is doing well and now able to walk and move without pain and gaining weight steadily.

You are finally in good hands Ember – follow Rocky Ridge Refuge, and Ember’s progress, as this link to Facebook.

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  1. Damn Stupid Owners. They should be brought up on the most Severe Animal Charges . Put them in Jail for doing this. Karma will get them in the end.

  2. I’m glad Ember is save with Rocky Ridge Refuge. How I hate to see people doing this, certainly there was some other way to handle this than to cruelly leave her in a vacant house, alone to die! The people who did this need to be found and punished!

    • I agree. They have the address of the home, it wouldn’t be that difficult to get the names of the family and it’s members and post it & search for them & charge them. They should also have forwarded their mail. This is the time to stiffen & lengthen charges & penalties. If they gave children, they should be looked into as well. Karma will get them when they least expect it.

  3. Is the spinal injury enough to hinder walking? Or can they even determine that at this point because of her condition ?? If they don’t attempt to find the people and hold them accountable nothing is EVER going to change ….. She is a beautiful dog …..

  4. simple no way they cannot find out who these people are and report them and have them arrested for animal cruelty felony in some states ya know

  5. Someone KNOWS who these piss poor excuses for humans are – there are always public records, utility bills, etc. Thanks to Rocky Ridge Rescue Ember has been rescued. These human maggots need to face charges for their cruelty and have their useless butts sitting in jail.

  6. Find the POS and punish them accordingly. If you can’t take your dog, find a new home or surrender to a rescue org(not a kill shelter). It’s just cruel to leave your dog in an empty house with no food and water. Whoever did this need to experience starvation and thirst to have some empathy. Disgusting!

  7. Where were the neighbors? Friends? Family? Everyone an a-hole? Ember was left to suffer. No one that knew this family cared. Prosecute please. This is disgusting.


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