Woman surrendered family pet and told her child to take a photo to remember their dog

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At the Clay County Animal Care and Control in Green Cove Springs, Florida some days are just worse than others. On Tuesday morning, a woman surrendered the family pet and told the young child with her to take a photo so he could remember their dog.

“There are some crappy people out there,” thought shelter volunteer Andrea Cassman. “Good job turning in your dog with your 11-year-old child in tow and telling him to take a picture of the dog to remember her. Here is the dog in the kennel scared and confused. Her crate and bed are in the lobby,” stated Andrea nearly in tears.

Andrea had been helping with an adoption when the woman came in with the youngster asking for information how to surrender a dog.  At the time, they didn’t have the dog with them, but the woman explained to the shelter staff the dog had belonged to her daughter, but allegedly the daughter had moved away two years ago and left the dog with the mother. A few hours later, the woman returned with the dog; a ten-year-old sweet Labrador retriever named Duchess. The dog’s face dropped as she was placed in a kennel and watched her family walk away. Maybe she knew they would never return, but how does one explain that to a dog?

When the child asked his grandmother how he could remember their dog, the woman said “through a picture.”

“I thought she should see how the poor dog looked in the kennel. Duchess was lying there and crying; the dog actually had tears in her eyes,” Andrea told the Pet Rescue Report.

According to shelter notes, Duchess is good with children, other dogs and is curious around cats when she initially meets them. Please share her plight with friends, family and social media contacts; sharing saves lives. Follow her story here. For more information about Duchess, contact the Clay County Animal Care and Control located at  3984 FL-16, Green Cove Springs, FL 32043. Phone:(904) 269-6342.

(Photo and video of surrendered pet courtesy of Andrea Cassman)

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Video of surrendered family pet:

Posted by Andrea Cassman on Tuesday, June 13, 2017


54 replies
  1. Sheri says:

    That’s cold!!! How could anyone do that to a child, let alone the dog who has been a family member?? Shame on you grandma!!!!

  2. Kathy Robinette Johnson says:

    I don’t understand people that just abandon their pets after spending so many years with them. So emotionally cruel. I hope a caring soul will adopt this sweet girl and bring happiness into her life and remaining years. She looks like a sweetheart.

  3. Barkley's Mom says:

    It never ceases to amaze me the heartlessness of some people! The woman had kept the dog for two years a ten year old dog what had changed that she needed to get rid of her? And why did her daughter NOT take her dog! Way to go Granny, take a picture to remember your dog by kid! SMH!

  4. maxiemom says:

    Duchess doesn’t deserve this. I hope this story gets her the attention she needs to find another home where someone will appreciate her and NEVER do this to her again.

    What that bitch did to that little girl is nothing short of child abuse. She’ll remember this every day of her life, and hope her dog was adopted. With luck, Duchess will be. HOWEVER, she’s liable to be haunted by the thought that her dog was killed, and she’s never going to forgive the scum in her family for this. NEVER,

  5. Helen says:

    Please save this senior girl. Its not Duchess’s fault grandma is an insensitive bitch, telling her grand child to take a picture of Duchess while she’s in a cage scared and crying, so that the child can remember this poor pup. I hope one day grandma’s family throws her into a 3 rate nursing home, and then take a picture of her for remembrance!

    • ellen cottone says:

      He will remember this day alright. And there is a good chance it will be the basis of his own feelings of abandonment.
      It will all go back to this day as well as the day his mother dumped him and his dog on a grandmother.
      Who clearly is not up for the loving part of the job.

  6. Christine Brown says:

    how can people be so cruel. The owner needs a good slapping and i would be gladly give her one myself. I hope Duchess finds another owner very soon . She looks so sad and scared being there

    • Sandy says:

      What’s going to happen to the child when the adult gets tired of her??? Put the child up for adoption? Cruel adult. ????

  7. Pete says:

    How can these cruel shelter people put the dog in a new cage when apparently the dogs “crate and bed” that it has known all this time are left in the lobby”.

  8. John says:

    This is one SICK Mother who told Her Daughter to take a Picture of the Family Pet before She Turned their Pet over to the Shelter. I Hope and Pray that Karma will get you for doing this to this Sweet Dog. Dogs are for Keeping for Life.

  9. Nancy Raymond says:

    There are some people in this world who have NO compassion – apparently they think animals have no feelings or emotions – this piss poor example of a woman, much less a mother is definitely one of them. I hope Duchess gets a safe loving home – senior dogs are great, make excellent pets and deserve a home as much as any puppy. This woman needs a smack in the head with a 2×4.

  10. Denise Brna-Kusky says:

    Take a picture! Honestly, the cruelty of some people! That child will remember that moment for years to come! Sad! Hope this dog is adopted soon!

  11. Susan Murray says:

    Without a doubt this woman is heartless and what makes more horrific is that she brought the child with her. No brains, no heart. That poor dog is 10 and sadly many people do not want an elderly dog. She looks like my dog Maggie who died at age 11 of liver disease. Broke my heart still does. I live in Canada, but if i lived closer I don’t think I could resist the urge to go get her! I have 2 small dogs one of which is 11 and I know the day I lose him, it will be heartbreak all over again, but the years of joy and unconditional love they give us outweighs the sadness and we do it all over again. Please don’t euthanize her, let’s all try to find this precious girl a new home so she can live out her years being wanted and appreciated. I do hope the shelter put her bed and belonging in the cage so that she can in the least feel that small piece of comfort!

  12. ellen cottone says:

    Did i read correctly? She had the 11yr old ask the shelter? Is this some sort of training she felt the boy needed?
    and with a crate and her bed her only material possessions she will never see again?

    Will someone local please dry her tears and get her out and into a small private run senior home.
    PRAYING, thru my own tears, For Intervention!!
    Sweet Mother of God!,
    Please deliver her and into the hands of elderly who want her,
    need her and will benefit from her love,

  13. Linda Patton says:

    I hope that heartless bitch suffers beyond words. She sees the pup is scared, sad, upset, the pup knows. How can she keep her 2 years then throw her away like trash? She not only has no feelings for her granchilds heartbreak, she has no feelings at all. Humans like her don’t deserve life, she deserves a horrific death full of pain, fear, sadness…. she makes me sick! I pray this older gal finds the loving family she so deserves, she finds true undying love, kindness, compassion and more cuddles and love she ever imagined possible. May this vile human suffer horrifically, screaming out in pain and fear. May this pup find a life she never thought possible. I hope her grandchild doesn’t hold onto this morbidness, and learns kindness is the way to be. Bless who ever rescued her, may you be filled with blessings you never imagined possible!

  14. Trish says:

    So let me get this right the original owner of the dog is the lady’s daughter and this lady that turned in the dog also has the daughters son who leaves both of them behind they both should be shot

  15. Shirlann LB says:

    WOW what a POS. My daughter moved out on me and left her dog behinde. I kept her.I didnt surrender her to a shelter. Some people have no heart, and that grandmother will will face Karma for her evil deed


    • Barkley's Mom says:

      My Daughter’s husband left her with two dogs, she couldn’t find an apartment where she could have both so I took “his: Beagle in even though I already had two of my own, I agree no heart!

  16. Tammy Schlegel says:

    Thank the good Lord Duchess was adopted 🙂 This sweet dog had many prayers going up for her and God answered. Now she can live out her life being happy and contented knowing she is loved and “wanted”! I am greatful grandma surrendered Duchess bc that WAS the Humane thing to do if she couldn’t keep the dog for ANY reason. There are those who just drop their unwanted animals off on the roadside (relocating them) and there are those who keep their pets only to mistreat, neglect and/ or abuse them! We should all try to cut grandma some slack bc if every owner would take this route vs the above, thone poor babies at least stand a chace of finding a good home. As for Duchess … I pray that God puts a hedge of protection around her and keeps her safe and happy for the rest of her life. And that she will live a good long life! Thank you Sherri for bringing this to my attention. I know you and Doug were on the verge of adopting her yourself. It is so good to have friends who really love their babies … and others 🙂

  17. ellen cottone says:

    Thank you all angels, saints and boots on ground humans who stand in the way of catastrophe and utter human inflicted misery.

    Is there anyway of rehoming the kid in this story. Who still lingers in the mitts of this demon grandmother!?

    • ellen cottone says:


      Mostly compassion.
      It will be the flag we charge with in the face of brutal opposition with.

      this Will be the most important word in this new century .
      We will stand behind it .
      and we will scream it at the top of our lungs .
      when the time comes.
      for all humans
      and animals who live around us.

  18. Bunny Peters says:

    While I am glad that Duchess was rehomed, this is, sadly, not always the situation for older animals…….. seems that older animals are usually high on euthanasia lists……

    I am glad that Duchess was taken into a shelter (best chances for being rehomed) instead of simply being turned loose or dumped in the woods or by the side of a busy highway…….

    What I object to is the cruel manner in which this situation was handled: a cruel POS cunt, with no compassion for her grandchild or the grandchild’s pet, leaves off the pet as though she were dropping a dirty wrapper in the trash……

    No wonder there are so many cruel people “out there”……. with POS cunts like these as role models, how are young people ever going to learn compassion if they have never seen it modeled???

    • ellen cottone says:

      What kind of example are you setting for anyone using the word
      The woman was many things,
      Your adding to the world’s problems.
      Your not condemning this problem.
      Your making your self another problem.


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