Dog's gunshot wound results in amputation

Cruelty investigation: Stray dog’s gunshot wound leads to amputation

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An animal cruelty investigation has been instigated for a dog whose leg had to be amputated from a badly infected gunshot wound. According to the Charleston Animal Society, a dog dubbed Lil Buck, was discovered with buck or birdshot wounds on his front and back legs and body.

On Tuesday, the animal shelter wrote:

Life is hard when you live on the streets and humans decide to shoot at you! “Lil Buck” came into the Shelter with a horribly infected gunshot wound.

Lil Buck was found long enough after after he was shot that the infection was severe enough to require that his back leg be amputated. The Charleston County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the situation as a case of animal cruelty. The shelter stated:

Aldwin Roman, Anti-Cruelty and Outreach Director for Charleston Animal Society wants the public to know that we will not tolerate such blatant abuse and we will assist Charleston County Sheriffs Office in every way we can to prosecute the person who would do such a thing to a defenseless animal. 

Lil Buck is going to recover from his amputation and injuries at a foster home. When he is finally healthy enough, he will be made available for adoption.

Donations for this injured dog’s veterinary expenses can be made here.

(screenshot via ABC 4 News)

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5 replies
  1. Cynthia Como says:

    Poor dog! Tho we always read that the authorities are investigating I often wonder….do they really? I’m so jaded by the lack of good protection laws and punishment when caught,charged and prosecuted that I often wonder do they truly investicate these brutal acts of cruelty? I realize that a lot of them are hopeless because the dogs are strays but I pray that they truly make a attempt to hold someone accountable when they say they are investigating! And tho animal cruelty is vast and everywhere it seems to be the worse in North and South Carolina,TEXAS,and Florida! I’m praying for precious Lil Buck???????? ❤️Get well soon Lil Buck❤️

  2. pennysdachshunds says:

    I have to COMMEND both the Charleston Animal Society , and the Charleston Law Enforcement , for assisting in saving this poor little guy! Also for having the Courage, Dedication, and Compassion to Take a Firm Stance on The Horrific abuse of the homeless, helpless and defenseless creatures in your city that need a chance at a better life. I hope the party that did this deed if brought to justice…


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