Agonizing death for young dog left on scorching hot balcony

Dog died in the heat on apartment balcony
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On Monday, a young dog, left alone on an apartment balcony in Nebraska, suffered an agonizing death from the intense heat. According to KMTV News, the 16-month-old English bulldog was outside on the balcony in Bellevue when the temperature climbed into the mid-90s

Mark Langan, vice-president of field operations for Nebraska Humane Society, told KMTV,

“When the call came out, I believe it was 95 degrees, with a feel-like temperature of 99 degrees, with high humidity and high dew points. It was the perfect storm for this poor dog to endure terrible conditions on this balcony.”

Despite the dog’s untimely and tragic demise, the owners are not being cited – officials who spoke with them do not believe that the situation was anything more than a terrible oversight and the dog appeared to have been otherwise well-cared for. The family had left food and water outside for the dog, but the heat simply proved to be unsurvivable for the bulldog.

The tragic incident is a harsh reminder that pets suffer in the heat and precautions need to be made to keep them safe and comfortable – if you are too hot, your pet is too hot. Bring dogs indoors when it is hot outside – always ensure that fresh, cool water is available and remember that shelter from the sun’s intense heat is critical.

(screenshot via KMTV News)

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  1. Really put an animal on a balcony and leave the animals there put these dumb ass up there all day in the heat and see how well they do assholes I hope they read some of these remarks!!!

  2. A tragic oversight? It’s more like the owner is plain ignorant. Flat nosed dogs can not tolerate heat for any length of time. The owner of the bulldog should have known that and keep the dog inside the home. RIP bully

  3. The owners of this poor dog should NEVER be permitted to own another dog in their lives. They also should do jail time. If this was a human child, they would be in jail. Well, people, animals are just as precious and important as humans. We are all the same, just in different bodies and have a different language.

  4. There should be some consequences for the owners stupidity they should be forced to volunteer at an animal shelter for a minimum of six months.

  5. My A/C is turned lower to accommodate my dogs – I could handle 78 degrees in the house but I keep it at 75 (sometimes lower) for THEM.

    RIP sweet dog.

  6. “Terrible oversight”, that’s what they are calling killing your dog now! Some people aren’t intelligent enough to own a pet rock!

    • I agree. It is still abuse, even if careless. The owners should be charged, and serve prison time if convicted, and NEVER be allowed to own another dog or other animal.

  7. THESE PEOPLE SHOULD HAVE BEEN GIVE A HUGE CITATION…. HUGE….MASSIVE!!! Then, put on a list to never be able to buy, adopt or own another pet EVER. How stupid are people anymore?

  8. “officials … do not believe that the situation was anything more than a terrible oversight”

    WHAT UTTER BULLSHIT! It’s an ENGISH – FUCKING – BULLDOG, you goddam idiots (“officials AND family”)!!!

    FACT: “English Bulldogs over heat very fast and have difficulty regulating their body temperature.”


    And NO charges: SO typical from the legal establishment…..

    I AM LIVID!!!


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