Shayla’s life mattered: Puppy euthanized after being misidentified

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In Anson County, North Carolina, the Anson County Animal Shelter is under sharp criticism from animal advocates after euthanizing a four-month-old puppy on Tuesday named Shayla.

Just one week ago, four month-old Shayla’s life changed for the worst; she was surrendered by her owner along with her siblings. As Animal Control rounded up the puppies in a “not so humane manner” described by the previous owner  as “dangling” the pups from a lead and picking up one of the dogs by “the scruff of the rump,” one of the little ones bit the kennel worker. As reported by WcncNews,  the Anson County Animal Shelter and County Manager Megan Garner, stated the bite broke the worker’s skin and caused bleeding. Officials said the skin on his finger, “had to be glued back together.” In addition, the employee did not seek hospital care, but under a rabies protocol, Shayla was ordered to be quarantined for ten days after learning the dogs had not been vaccinated. There has been no evidence of the bite injury.

“The puppies were safe in rescue care until Anson County workers showed up at the foster’s home to confiscate the biter puppy for a bite quarantine. It is standard practice in the state of North Carolina to hold an unvaccinated animal in bite quarantine for 10 days post bite. We had no issue with that. The only problem is that they identified the wrong sibling. The shelter employees were made aware that it was the wrong puppy and they didn’t care, they took Shayla anyway,” posted the Greater Charlotte SPCA who reached out several times to the Anson County Animal Shelter offering to help.

Garner continued to allege that the employee positively and correctly identified the puppy named Shayla as the one that bit the employee.

“Greater Charlotte SPCA called multiple times to offer help and to offer to work together to get Shayla back to her siblings after the bite quarantine. We also emailed. We were never acknowledged by those who had any decision making authority. We have pulled many shelter animals over the years from our partner shelters after their bite quarantine. Shayla did not have to be euthanized.”

The puppy’s former owner, Gretchen McCollum, tried to intervene after Shayla was brought back to the shelter, and even was allowed to visit the sweet puppy who appeared healthy. No one from the shelter  commented as visitors pushed their hands through the puppy’s cage to pet her. North Carolina protocols for dog bites from unvaccinated animals require employees to be administered two shots and be tested for rabies. The only positive method to test an animal for rabies is to kill the animal and test a sample of the dog’s brain tissue.

“Today, Shayla was euthanized. A totally innocent puppy who didn’t even have the opportunity to complete her 10 day bite quarantine because the County Manager decided to be spiteful against passionate animal advocates. That County Manager is Megan Garner ([email protected] 1-(704)-994-3200). She’s the one who refused to acknowledge us when we tried to reach out to help.”


And on the Facebook of Saving Shayla, the heartbreaking announcement came on Tuesday:

“It is with unimaginable sadness that we have to post that Shayla was killed today. She was innocent and she died because of others’ spite and dishonesty! We are just devastated! However we will continue to fight for justice for Shayla! Please continue to call, please continue to email, please continue to share, please continue to tell Shayla’s story! Shayla’s life mattered.”

Advocates are asking that everyone please call/email the Anson County Commissioners and tell them that Shayla’s life mattered and ask that Shayla’s life be used as an opportunity to save others. It is an opportunity to make sure no other innocent puppy suffers the same fate under the current County Manager’s hands!
Anson County Commissioners:
Or call the clerk to the board at 1-(704)-994-3201
Photo and video via Saving Shayla Facebook.
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  1. People should work to close down Anson County Animal Shelter! The people that run that shelter do not have the mentality to take care of any animals! Let somebody open up another shelter and take care of animals the right way. Shayla your life was not in vain, your life mattered! RIP Shayla

  2. C’est le gérant qui devrait être euthanasié. C’est un criminel irrécupérable, il n’a rien à faire auprès des animaux , qu’il démissione.
    Fais bon voyage petit ange.

  3. The ones responsible for this need to be fired! They are supposed to be advocates for the innocent dogs and they do something like this! Rest in peace Shayla, may karma bite the ones responsible for this senseless murder!

  4. Out of “spite” everyone who works at this shelter, including the people who “run” it should be let go. New people brought in, with the fear of the same thing happening unless they do completely the opposite under the same circumstances, agree to a complete training program by a professional and NOT a resident or employee of the hillbilly county, and the rescue, had they had paid a fee should get double the amount back for the remaining pups.

  5. How awful why did they do this horrible crime I hate those shelters horrible evill creeps whobdid this inhopebtheybdie poornpuppyntest in peace bg

  6. Someone needs to euthanize Megan Garner! Guess these kill shelters have to have dog haters in order to keep the killing of helpless dogs going! She will answer to God one day! I hope there will come a time in this despicable bitch dog killers life when she will need a little mercy and I pray it is denied to her! God works in mysterious ways…….she will need a break someday and it will be denied to her by our maker! HOW DOES A KILLER SLEEP AT NIGHT…..EASY WHEN UR HEART IS FILLED WITH VENGENCE AND HATE! RIP SHAYLA

  7. The public officials and workers at the death camp should be put in prison and put on the FBI national list of animal abusers for life! They should be fired and sued for their Gestopo like tactics!

  8. Agreeing with comments to clean sweep employees of this “shelter”.
    Can we also place responsibility on the person who must own the parents of that litter? This is the root of the problem!
    I have been following searches on Petfinder and Adopt a Pet – it is mind boggling how many rescue groups have formed with the sole purpose of transporting dogs from Southern KILL shelters to the Northeast where we snatch them up like candy !
    Let’s stop the bleeding. Southern states need to step up their game and provide FREE SPAY AND NEUTER until the problem is under control ! These lives matter.

    • Totally agree the person who let their dog breed because they did not get it fixed then turned in the litter of puppies is the main culprit. Yes the shelter handled this wrong too.

  9. I sent emails. Flood their inboxes with emails…This is the best way to get their attention!!!! I am disgusted by what I read. This is heartbreaking. Thank you to the news station that is covering this story.

  10. Shameful! Close the shelter and charge the workers for animal cruelty and abuse. RIP Shayla…..I’m sorry humans betrayed you.

  11. Ms. Garner should have considered returning this dog to her original owner and the pup would still be alive and well. Death shelters are deplorable and should be closed until they can treat scared,hurt and ill animals that they feel should be killed. Unless she was 100% positive she had the right dog and waited the full 10 days, she should never have allowed visitors to put their fingers into Shayla’s cage to pet her either. Ms. Garner should be fired and all workers should be trained in the proper way of handling animals being admitted to the shelter. Holding them and “dangling” the pups from a lead and picking up one of the dogs by “the scruff of the rump,” would have easily caused one of the pups to nip/bite the shelter worker. How about training everyone there to treat animals kindly, not roughly.

  12. The ultimate culprit is the person who did not get their dog fixed let it have puppies, then turned in the whole litter to the shelter.


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