Adopted dog loses leg after alligator attack

Puppy survives attack by alligator
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A puppy, adopted from an Orlando, Florida, rescue agency, recently managed to survive a horrific attack by an alligator. According to Florida Today, Chloe, a mixed breed pup, managed to squeeze through some fencing while on a potty break in her backyard…her escape artistry put her in harm’s way in an area near the Ulumay Wildlife Sanctuary.

Jo Ellen Kleinhenz, Chloe’s owner, ran to the area after hearing horrible crying – she found her pup clinging to a branch with an alligator clamped on her body, trying to drag her into the murky water. Miraculously, the gator let go and the pup was rushed to a veterinarian for treatment of her severe injuries.

On September 26, the Courtenay Animal Hospital described the pup’s wounds:

Chloe has many very significant injuries, including broken bones, deep wounds, and worrisome lung changes from a near drowning incident when she was pulled under water.

This girl is a survivor though! She managed to hang onto a branch with her mouth to keep herself out of the water and stay alive. She was in surgery for 2.5 hours and did great!!

Fortunately, Chloe is a fighter and though she has since lost one of her legs, she is powering on “as if she never had four legs.” On October 9, the animal hospital shared a happy update about the resilient pup:

We tried really hard to save the foot that the alligator had chomped/crushed but it was not healing well and was causing her tremendous pain 😕. So we made the difficult decision to amputate her leg on Friday.
Chloe is already running around like she never had four legs! She seems to feel soooo much better without that painful foot. Less than 24 hours after surgery, she was already moving around really well and learning to potty on 3 legs. The hardest thing now is keeping her quiet & still enough to finish healing!

Chloe’s owner is inspired by her brave pup, she told Florida Today, “I feel like if everybody in the world had the same attitude that Chloe has, the world would be a better place.”

(Image via Facebook/Courtenay Animal Hospital)

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  1. What a horrible ordeal for Chloe and her family, I’m glad she is doing so well, may she have a long happy life ahead of her.


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