Woman is being intimidated

Woman who tried to help ailing cow is now being intimidated

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Update: The sign has been removed and Amanda has received an apology from animal control.

The “good ole boy” network is alive and well in in Lillington, North Carolina. Last week, a woman made a call to animal control after seeing a cow who was missing an eye and suffering from an infection which had left half of her face, “rotting.”

The good Samaritan called Harnett County Animal Control program manager, Steve Berube, to voice her concern that the cow was suffering – her first attempt was met with disregard. ACO Berube simply stated that the cow’s eye was being treated by a veterinarian (despite the eye actually being gone).

An article was published about the concerning situation on November 2. After multiple calls and emails were sent to Steve Berube, further action was taken – in fact, in just one hour, Berube stated that the cow would be euthanized by a veterinarian. Unfortunately, Berube tried to pin the blame on those who expressed concern for the cow’s suffering…rather than on the farmer who allowed the cow’s eye to rot out of its socket. Berube emailed those who were concerned about the cow’s condition and he stated, “because of increasing public outcry the owner of the cow euthanized the animal as was his right as property owner.”

Now, the woman who took the time to take photos of the suffering cow, and reached out to the local animal control to investigate the situation, is being intimidated by the farmer who neglected the cow. Today, the woman, whose name is Amanda, has her personal information on a huge red sign that the farmer has put up in his field. The sign has Amanda’s personal cell phone number, a description of the vehicle she drives and her address, and it warns other farmers in the area to “beware” of her because she will bring them “nothing but trouble.”

The woman’s efforts to get the local sheriff involved are falling flat – she told the Pet Rescue Report that she was told that her information is “public” so the farmer has the right to to post it to anyone and everyone in the area. It would seem that the only way that the farmer could have received Amanda’s personal information is from the Harnett County Animal Control agency where she initially voiced her concerns….Amanda is renting a home, so there are no public tax records with her name and her cell phone number is from Washington State (her husband is in the military and she still has her Washington phone number).

Amanda told the Pet Rescue Report about the fear her three children have over being followed home and frightened by strangers in her town – she stated, “they are beyond scared but what I keep telling them is that is what he wants you to feel. He wants you to be intimidated for doing the right thing.”

Steve Berube has been in trouble for his animal control investigations in the past – beyond criticizing individuals who are concerned about a cow’s suffering, and apparently releasing a good Samaritan’s private information, he has been called out for abruptly halting an animal cruelty investigation.

According to The Daily Record, Berube is accused of blocking certain animal cruelty investigations because of “personal” friendships – Berube denies the allegations against him. (Read the full article about these allegations here).

Amanda spoke up and did what a good person is supposed to do – she saw an animal suffering and she followed up with the local animal control. In return, she and her three children are now being stalked and intimidated and all of her personal information is on a sign in the field of the farmer whose cow was in such pitiful condition that her face was rotting and her eye was gone.

Suffering cow

On Monday, she told the Pet Rescue Report about what is happening to her, ” I have people driving past my house and I waiting for something like my dogs to be poisoned, tires slashed, or something worse.”

Amanda is an animal lover – she has worked in veterinary medicine and fostered homeless dogs. She is the first to adopt the old, the sick, the unwanted. She is a good person, who did a good thing, and now she is being vilified by locals for her her actions.

Speak up for those who are doing good and call out those who have over-stepped their bounds.

Find a list of local officials to this town here.

Sheriff’s Office/Phone: (910) 893-9111

Harnett County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page here.

Steve Berube
Program Manager
Harnett County Animal Services
Phone 910-814-2952/ sberube@harnett.org

Of Note: The Pet Rescue Report had the farmer’s information (address and phone number) from the writing of the first article. So as not to encourage any “vigilante” behavior, that information, which is “of public record” was not published. The same can not be said of the farmer who is now intimidating Amanda.



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  1. Patricia Green says:

    Really your intimidating a family for doing the right thing. calling animal control because u obvious can’t take care of the animals u have stated this has happened before … I would report u myself if I saw this… I am all for Amanda u did the right thing by reporting him…

  2. edward says:

    A****** leave the poor woman alone why don’t you put a gun to your f****** head and blow your miserable f****** brains out you Dirtbag Farm redneck piece of s*** woman is bring to your attention that the couch like that f****** put that thing right with your f****** eyes and cut them out you piece of s*** mother f****** redneck garbage piece of s*** hello my friend, she’s a real b**** you may just choked on a steak bone a****** sorry Amanda he’s a piece of garbage redneck mother f*****

  3. maxiemom says:

    If the farmer weren’t an animal abusing scumbag, he wouldn’t feel the need to stalk and persecute Amanda. He KNOWS what he did was abusive, illegal, inhuman, and inhumane, but he would rather take his abusive behavior out on her than put it where it belongs- HIMSELF. I hope he has a great time rotting in Hell.

  4. pennysdachshund says:

    I did place a call this afternoon and was referred to the voice mail of Arron Meredith,,, Extension 0130 and had to leave a message… while doing that I happened to have a Profound Thought…. Could this lovely service member’s wife be of a different Ethnic Background … Could this by why this good Ole Boy state is Not A Police Department willing to assist her because she is not a resident born and raised in that little close knit community !!! This is SO! SO! WRONG !!! This animal should not have had to suffer like that!!!! The farmer can’t sell the meat of a diseased and ill cow. so what the hell is the problem here!!!

    • Linda Marie Ekey says:

      we are having major problems in our county from the DA on down, the Sheriff resigned over people being killed by police and jailers read the N&O newspaper series of articles Deadly Force by Mandi Locke

      • pennysdachshund says:

        Thank You! I will try and find it!!! I certainly hope Some Ethical and Concerned People in your County are watching over Amanda and her Children if the Police and law enforcement are corrupt THEY could have Serious ISSUES with her being alone and her husband in the service… Maybe someone down there should call the STATE or the FEDS and Alert them to her Plight!!!

  5. Terry Abner Jackson says:

    You people seriously suck, she did the right thing by calling animal control, I would of called them too.. you are sick people to try to intimidate someone who was doing the right thing, if you can’t take care of your animals, then you shouldn’t have them plain and simple.. would you let your face just rot off if you had an eye infection, it is YOUR responsibility to get your animals treated by a vet if they have been injured, but then we can see what can of people you are by letting your animal suffer and then trying to harass someone who only wanted to help the animal, I hope your face rots off and you lose your eye,, it would only be fair that no one would help you..

    • Patricia Green says:

      I so agree with u thank goodness there are people who care about animals and those who don’t can go to HELL!!!

  6. Rebecca says:

    I just sent the email below to Steve Berube. Please feel free to do your own.

    “This story is going viral and everyone is well aware of your one sided GOOD OL’ BOY perspective. To allow any citizen to endure this is disgraceful but to a military spouse with 3 children, it is way, way beyond that. YOU are the one who should be answerable and held in contempt for any wrong doing this family endured. Deepest of shame on you. We ARE watching.”

  7. Geno says:

    I have to wonder because the article failed to report, did Amanda at any time attempt to speak to the farmer about the cows condition? Ask the farmer if he knew of the cows condition or whether he was taking measures to help the animal?
    I am from a farming family. These animals are not pets. They have but one purpose. To end up on your grill/oven/slow cooker to feed yourself and your family.
    It is far more humane to go out to the chicken coop and grab two chickens, at grandmas direction, and cut their heads off with a hatchet and let them run the yard till dead, than to take the chicken you buy at the store and put it on your grill.

    I am an animal lover myself, and would never condone the mistreatment of animals.

    Maybe Amanda should focus on being a good neighbor first and a neighborhood nanny second.
    Did Amanda, with her veterinarian experience, offer some assistance?

    When my neighbors lawn is overgrown and needs some attention, I do the neighborly thing and visit them to see if everything is okay first. Offer some help if they need it. Learn something about another persons situation. Mow the lawn for them. I don’t call the city to report someone I don’t know with nothing more than a picture.

    Amanda can bet her last meal that if a farmer was in need of help to bring in a crop or a herd, their fellow farmers would be there to help bring home the crop/bacon! Happens all the time. Farmers feed the world.

    Remember that next time you fire up the grill on Independence Day!

    • Penny Eims says:

      If you reference the initial article, you’ll see that the farmer was well aware of the cow’s condition. He was keeping her alive until a calf was weaned and then the plan was to kill her. There are additional photos showing that the cows was not only suffering with a rotting face, but she was emaciated.

    • pennysdachshund says:

      I TOO Live in the Country!!! I now have a Molly Mule in my pasture with my horses .WHY because the NITWIT down the road with 1/2 acre thinks he is a land baron!!! 40 chickens, a starving horse, this poor mule tethered to the dirt on a lead rope with open sores covering her face from being with a too tight halter on 24X 7.. a tiny pony in the same condition … goats, turkeys, pigs ( one died from eating cockleburs)! 8 goats, a diabetic horse. two little short haired dogs left out 24X7. After the mule breaking lose with the rope dragging and tripping her numerous times . We went over and offered to “keep” her (even though we purchase 10 tons of hay a year for our own animals) at a cost of $20 a month!!! So I suppose in YOUR mind we are interfering too…. Good God Geno !!!! Would you stand by and let one of your Cows Suffer like this…. and she is the Bitch !!!! OPEN those two lids OCVERING those BEAUTIFUL eyes of your’s that this POOR COWS WAS MISSING!!! DAH

    • Livn says:

      Geno I think you are the only one on here with common sense I think if animal control was not called and the farmers address not blasted all over the internet she wouldn’t have had this sign put out for everyone one to see her information, I know who the farmer is and he cares for his animals and has for years the cow had cancer in the eye which is common for this type of breed but there is some people who make mountains out of mole hills until they set at the dinner table and stuff their face just because they have nothing else to do but try to ruin someone’s life, also this particular cow is not a pet it is livestock this is not a petting zoo.

      • Livn says:

        It was if you look at the previous post it said the road name where this cow was located was taken off the site (hint)know your facts before you comment.

      • Penny Eims says:

        That’s the only farm land on that entire road? Stating the name of a road is quite different than providing an exact address, phone number, make and model of a vehicle, including license…don’t you think? The farmer’s exact address AND phone number was known when the first article was written, but it was not published and still isn’t. If I told you that I live on Harrison Street in Seattle, would you know exactly where I live?

  8. John says:

    Can someone get me in touch with this woman? The last a-hole that pulled crap like this endured my wrath and ended up serving two years in prison for animal cruelty. I can’t stand these backwoods hick farmers that treat animals like shit. I’ll help this woman out.

    • pennysdachshund says:

      I live so far away in West in a sparsely populated state!!! I am concerned for the welfare of this Amanda who has children and a husband serving our country!!! I hope there ARE some STAND UP PEOPLE ( if not law enforcement to watch over her little family— She did NOTHING wrong ) I believe IN the HEAT of The NIGHT with Carrol O”Connor is somewhat I see from the text of this article not unlike what is going on down there…. This is NOT GOOD !!! This Lady needs a support system and some support!!!

  9. Darlene says:

    Incredible! Doing the right thing isn’t popular in this age of, “Do what you want if it feels good”. It’s so very sad that so many people don’t care about anything or anyone. Animals are innocent and they need people like this women to have a voice against cruelty and neglect. I applaud you!

    • pennysdachshund says:

      If ONLY PEOPLE would make an EFFORT at times things could be much better!! Anyone Can see from that photo that cow was suffering my God half almost her face missing… We didn’t want to go out some morning and see Molly Mule laying in the county road with a broken neck or legs from tripping over the lead rope, or worse someone hitting her in the dark and killing her and them…

  10. Audrianna says:

    She needs to lawyer up and sue. Put your big girl pants on, it’s time to bring in the big guns. Start a go fund me page and enlist help on pages like this and FB. I would donate & I’m sure she could raise enough for a good lawyer in a week. What they are doing is AGAINST THE LAW & if some backwoods police want to help them continue that, well let’s lock them all up. I’m sick of all of us being bullied and not stepping up. We are more powerful then they think we are.

  11. Vlad says:

    Perfect, the fact that the cow owner allowed himself to make public the private data of the good samaritean allows her, in change, to made public his private data along with the entire story onto the Internet… Seems correct to me, then let’s see who will fall worse…


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