War veteran moving to assisted living seeks home for his dogs

Veteran moving to assisted living - dogs need a new home
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An elderly Korean War veteran, who lives in Orchards, Washington, will soon be moving to an assisted living facility and he is hoping to find a new, loving home for his beloved dogs before he goes. According to Friday’s KOMO News, 87-year-old John Schumacher’s two dogs, Faith and Max, will ideally find a home to live in together.

Schumacher’s dogs are both 10 years of age – he has owned them since they were puppies. Unfortunately, Schumacher’s health has been failing, and his family (who are dealing with health issues of their own) is unable to take his beloved dogs in, so a new home is being sought for the pair.


According to Schumacher, Max is “quite lively” and loves everyone, and Faith is more laid back and likes to keep an eye on things.

The Colombian has reported that a man has expressed interest in the duo – if a meet and greet over the weekend went well, the dogs may have a new home…together.

Click here to find contact information for the person coordinating the rehoming effort for these two dogs.

(Photos – screenshots via KATU News)


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  1. How very sad he has to rehome his babies. They’re going to be so confused, saddened, heartbroken. He’s had them both since they were tiny puppies, he’s all they’ve ever known. I know it’s breaking his heart to have to leave them. I’ll never understand why assisted living won’t allow your furry family members come with a person. Don’t they understand these are your children? They are the reasons many humans get up in the morning! They give you love 24/7, never question you, never hold grudges, they’re always there for you no matter what! I find it horrific this mans family won’t accept them into their home, let them live their remaining days with humans they know, where they’d feel safe, secure, loved. So many humans have no compassion, they’re attitudes are “it’s just a dog”. Humans make me sick!!! I’ll never understand the evilness they have, the cold hearts they have. Those poor two dogs are going to have a hard time adjusting to new humans, a new home, a new life. I’m praying they are kept together, to separate them would be horrible!!! Bless these innocent babies, help them find a loving new home where they’ll be cherished, loved, spoiled…

  2. This Man gave his service to Keep Our Country Free!!! Now is the time for OUR Country to Help and Assist this fine older gentleman!!! A sanctuary where these two could live out their Lives together would Be AWSOME!!!! I hope there are more compassionate People In Washington than California…. We all have a pretty good idea what would happen to them both in that STATE!!!


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