Cat rescued after his four paws froze to the ground

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In what should be referred to as a “pawsome” deed, a lucky cat was rescued from freezing to death after his four paws froze to the ground in the mountainous Urals city of Zlatoust, Siberia. According to the Siberian Times, a Good Samaritan and his wife found the cat hiding under their car on one of the coldest days of the winter season after temperatures had plunged below -31 degrees Fahrenheit.frozen-cat-2

Sergey Baranov, 41, and his wife Yelena, 36, discovered the shivering cat, whose whiskers were covered in frost. As they leaned over to pick him up, the couple realized the cats paws, which had been tucked underneath his chest and stomach for warmth, had been frozen to the ground. It took seven buckets of warm water and more than seven minutes to melt the ice in order to free the cat of his frozen ice prison. The kitty’s front paws were easily released, however his back paws had frozen solid more than two inches below the ice.frozen-cat-3

As the cat dubbed Semyon was freed, the couple wrapped him in a warm blanket noting he was not able to walk. They contacted the local veterinarian who administered an anti inflammatory injection to the cat estimated to be no more than nine-months of age. When Sergey announced on social media, the cat was able to walk, a young woman from the community offered to adopt Semyon. One week later this very lucky kitty is running and jumping and seems to have made a miraculous recovery.

A little kindness goes a long way. (Photos of four paws froze via screenshots Facebook and the Siberian Times)

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  1. No frostbite? That is amazing..bless that lovely couple who used common sense and quick thinking to safely free that beautiful kitty! Hope it has a wonderful life, and many years of happiness too.

  2. God Bless these wonderful people. They are truly rescue angels. Good Job! Bravo! This proves there is good in the world. Thank you rescue angels. ~ NW Florida


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