Man who strangled his 3-month-old puppy for barking sentenced to probation

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In Greensburg, Pennsylvania, an Irwin man whose newly adopted puppy suffered a cruel torturous death will not serve anytime in jail, reports CbsLocalNews. Jason French

Jason French pleaded guilty to strangling his three-month-old puppy named Apollo because the pooch wouldn’t stop barking. On Friday, Judge Megan Bilik-Defazio sentenced French to 7-23 months in jail, but immediately paroled him and ordered French to court-mandated inpatient health treatment. According to French’s  defense  attorney, his client suffers from paranoid  schizophrenia.

In November 2015, police arrived at Jason French’s home on First Street after a witness saw him kicking a black object and then digging a hole. Authorities found the puppy’s body. French, 33, told police he strangled the 30-pound Labrador retriever, Apollo, with his bare hands and that he “had to do it because he wouldn’t stop barking.”

Police reports indicate French showed no remorse for killing Apollo and went on to describe, “it took me three hours to strangle the dog. You wouldn’t think it would take that long with a dog that size.” Apollo the dog strangled

Candy Nelson, president of Animal Friends of Westmoreland,  where French adopted Apollo, stated their organization had done an extensive background check on French, his family and his residence before placing the pup. Because of mental health privacy laws, no issues  showed up during their due diligence.

As French left the Westmoreland County Courthouse amid a group of animal rights supporters, he said, “I’m very sorry for what I’ve done, and yeah, I did love my dog.”

For now, he must agree to inpatient treatment while on probation, pay $300 in restitution and is not allowed to own or be with any pets during his probation period. Once that is over, French once again can own  a pet. Surely there is a need for a National Pet Abuse and Cruelty Registry.

Rest in peace Apollo; you barely received any justice.

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  1. I am so sorry that you came to be with the worst of the worst in humans Sweet Apollo. Justice will one day be served when your killer will answer to a higher source. May God Bless you and may you forever Rest in Peace.

    • Rest in peace Apollo, I’m sorry you had to go trough the abuse. All I say is that he will have to answer for the hurendis things that he has done. To bad the pup had to suffer so much cruelty. One thing I know for sure, God will not let this killer go free. He will have to account for what he did. Good thing, we have a judge that will take matter in his own hands. God is good. I’ll never understand why he did this horrible thing and given freedom, to do it again. There was a man that just got fined over 50,000. And 55 yrs .in jail.

    • No more taps on the wrist, it’s not fair that our pets must face a horrible death. They should be guilty, no mental accuses for this, it’s not a game. These pets have feelings, they love unconditionally, and we love them. Anyone that abuse Dog or Cat or any animal should be throne in prison. No more excuses. They new what they were doing, mentally sane or not. I know people that have all kinds of problems, believe me they know what there doing. Give them a sentence.

  2. Jeez. Unbelievable. What is wrong with a justice system that cannot see the pure injustice of this sentencing.
    RIP Apollo


  4. Since it seems as if alot of puppies live to be between 9-15 years, He should have to spend at least 10 years in prison before being paroled.

  5. Hooray for pet justice as usual me will take me probably about 5 minutes to strangle why the f*** would I when you get this piece of s*** a pet his lawyer should be strangled to another piece of s*** he’s a schizo now because an animal barks do you strangle it tell me Lord tell me oil people to come back with comments try to build a stronger I mean this guy just took an innocent beautiful gorgeous creature that God created and because he wouldn’t stop barking he strangle them in the best part show no f****** remorse

  6. hey , Judge Megan Bilik-Defazio are you really this stupid ? you are an idiot animal hater maybe when this sick pieces of shit do something to someone or something you love you will get it you moron how do you sleep at night one eye open?

  7. Does the judge seriously think that he will be rehabilitated in 7-23 months so that he can own another animal? Does she not realize he will just kill again? In listening to his words, he was surprised it took that long for a dog that size – that tells me he may have done this before. This man needs to be prohibited from ever owning another animal again in his lifetime.

  8. OMG how evil. He deserves prison time. He enjoyed what he was doing the whole time. First animals then humans. Judge needs to be removed from the bench.

  9. No justice again for a scumbag who will do it to a human being next.. I guess then it will matter and he will serve time. Absolutely insane. Rest in peace sweet baby,you’ll get a better person next time.

  10. Doesn’t this Judge realize, that if this man could do this to his dog, and then tell how long it took to strangle him, that he is a danger to ALL animals, including the HUMAN KIND. He should have spent time in Jail, or failing that, be admitted to a Psychiatric home.


  12. Really getting tired of this shit insanity defense. The poor thing gets no justice and that SOB gets a slap on the wrist! RIP Apollo. Someday people like him will get their just rewards and we won’t have to wait for God to do it.

  13. I pray that Apollo is playing happily in God’s Kingdom. I think that the judge in this case is a disgrace to the justice system and that the piece of garbage that did this to little Apollo should have the same done to him.

  14. Seriously? After his probation ends he will be allowed to have pets again?!! Are they fucking crazy? This son of a bitch shouldn’t be allowed to be near a pet let alone own one for the rest of his fucking life!!

  15. I wish theyd take 3 hours to strangle him. Well hey yeahhhhh we loved him too. THREE hours?! That is planned (not like a sudden impulse thing) and psychotic!!!

  16. What..probation..are you kidding me..he should have locked away immediately for at least 5 years. What is wrong with this you think he’s not laughing his ass off right now at the system..he will probably do something to an animal again just because..the laws really need to be changed and these idiots need to be punished appropriately.


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