Man awarded thousands for wrongful death of his dog

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According to Thursday’s publication of the Tri-City Herald, a jury has awarded what may be the largest settlement of its kind to a Franklin County, Washington, man whose dog was fatally shot by his neighbors.  The notable settlement was made to 56-year-old James Anderson for the death of his seven-year-old English Springer Spaniel, “Chucky.”

Chucky, a well-trained hunting dog, who also knew a multitude of tricks, including climbing ladders and riding motorcycles, was shot to death on March 9, 2014, by the Hayles family, who had been trapshooting. The family, Scott and Lori Hayles and three sons, are accused of shooting Chucky and then hiding the cruel deed.

According to a prior publication of the Tri-City Herald, Anderson and Chucky were inseparable and he considered the spaniel to be “his son.”

The jury awarded Anderson $36,475  on August 3 – Adam Karp, a well-known animal law attorney, represented Anderson in the trial. Anderson expressed his gratitude for the jurors’ decision, “I don’t even have words in my vocabulary to express my gratitude toward them.”

According to a release from Karp, the settlement may be the largest jury verdict of its kind in Washington state.
(Photo-Anderson family photo via Tri City Herald)
7 replies
  1. maxiemom says:

    Good! It takes real filth to kill your neighbor’s dog like that. They knew what they did was wrong, hence trying to conceal their dirty deed. I hope they burn in Hell.

  2. resqdogz says:

    KUDOS TO THIS JURY, for finally recognizing (at least, beginning to) the value of a beloved companion…

    Although this sum doesn’t BEGIN to approach the true (immeasurable) value of Chucky’s life, at least it’s a start…

  3. Barkley's Mom says:

    It’s not so much the money awarded, it’s the fact that these people have to pay for what they did to an innocent dog! This POS family shot Chucky and then tried to hide the fact, they deserve all they get and then some, they deserve to rot in hell! The $36,475 certainly won’t bring back Chucky but it proves his life was of value and these people are monsters that took it needlessly!

  4. virginia green says:

    money does not always help.jail the family for killing a 4 legged kid wearing fur that was the guys family member.

  5. Penny's Dachshund says:

    At LEAST these (criminal minded people and their kids that they taught how to be devious) didn’t JUST walk away without have to make atonements for THEIR EVIL DEEDS and NOW a COMMUNITY also know what TYPE of individuals they are too.!!!! This was in HONOR of Chucky!!!!


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