Magnificent German shepherd: What is she doing in a shelter?

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A four-year-old German  shepherd who wins the hearts of everyone she meets has been transferred to the Palmdale Animal Care Center where it is hoped she will have a better opportunity to find her forever home. Siena the GS

On June 16, Siena arrived at the Downey Animal Care Center as a stray, and days later as her family never showed up to claim her, she was listed available for adoption.

Click here for Siena’s adoption listing. Siena (A4962242) “Siena is a smart girl who loves to play. She’s a working girl with a good amount of energy and ready to find a job that suits her talents. Siena may not have the greatest dog manners because she is a little pushy when meeting new dogs, so she would do best with someone who can give her some training and structure with proper dog introductions. She’s a total love bug too and would love to meet you at the new Palmdale shelter!” More information per Los Angeles Animal Care and Control is available here. Siena the GS 2

Siena’s short video can be viewed here.

As to how Siena has won over staff and volunteers alike at the shelters, Sal Valdepena shares his visit with this  sweet dog on Friday as Siena  whimpered when walked away to leave after their initial play period:

“She’s small in stature HUGE in heart. Her sweet personality is unmatched… Her majestic beauty is breathtaking. She is now located in the High desert and needs help. Although the new shelter is nice, I would love for her to be placed in rescue so the proper background checks can be done. shes to perfect to fail. Please share her with reputable rescues. Shes already left her mark with the new shelters staff; they also love her. Leaving her today made me so emotional. Walking away from her cries.” Siena the GS 3

And volunteer Desi Lara also described her interaction with Siena:

“One of my favorite words is Hot Diggity Dog!! To me it expresses such joy and happiness and excitement! This is how Siena makes me feel. Along with the word Fuzzy! Warm and fuzzy. She makes smiles come out of me. My heart starts bubbling.  She is so much love and joy and her TIME is running OUT!”

Click here to follow Siena’s Facebook page. Share this dog’s plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives, and for whatever reason Siena ended up at a shelter, she deserves much more. Siena is at the Palmdale Animal Care and Control located at 38550 Sierra Highway, Palmdale, 93550.

(Photos via Sal Valdepena and Desi Lara)



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