Dying, neglected dog musters strength to kiss former owner

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A nine-year-old German Shorthair pointer, who was found near death at a home in Maple Shade, New Jersey, last month, has passed away. The dog, dubbed “Dino,” was taken to the Marlton Animal Hospital on June 17 after an animal welfare check at his owner’s home revealed that he was in dire condition.

According to NJ 1015, Dino was in “critical” condition from the moment that he arrived to the veterinary hospital; Animal Lifeline, an area non-profit organization, stepped up to take on the emaciated dog’s veterinary expenses.

Despite extensive efforts by the veterinary staff, Dino’s condition did not improve. On Thursday, the Burlington County SPCA Humane Police updated Facebook followers who had been monitoring the sad situation.

On Monday, a Doctor at the hospital called the officer that filed charges against the owner and told him that he might want to come over to see Dino. When the officer arrived he found a very somber staff as the final medical tests had come back and there was nothing to do that would save him.

The Burlington County SPCA Humane Police noted that Dino’s original owner (who is not the individual facing animal cruelty charges) found out about the tragic situation via social media and she was able to see Dino before he died. The SPCA Humane Police wrote, “While visiting Dino, the officer was introduced to Dino’s original owner who found out about her dog’s condition on social media. She was devastated. Dino recognized her despite not seeing her for 5 years. He was able to muster enough strength to kiss her. She was the only person he kissed during his 4 week stay at the hospital.”

The Burlington County SPCA Humane Police stated:

We want to thank the Marlton Animal Hospital, Doctors and staff for their heroic efforts and the Animal Lifeline Rescue that funded the effort to save Dino after he was surrendered. Their assistance in the investigation was crucial to the case.
Dino still has a voice that will be heard one more time.


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  1. Dogs are such magnificent creatures; the very best that this world has. And they remember. I hope Dino is running over green, green grass high up there. Running around and chasing other dogs and having the time of his life. I’m glad his former owner got a chance to see him and I hope she has peace but I do wonder why he wasn’t with her anymore.

  2. Let me guess- another craigslist giveaway?

    So, so sorry this poor, sweet soul had such a hard life for such a long time. Sounds like the first 5 years of Dino’s life were probably happy and that he was loved. This just breaks my heart. He deserved so much more than to end up with scum like the filth he lived with for the last 4 years of his life.

  3. IT is SO SAD that despite a 5year separation this LOVING FORGIVING DOG STILL LOVED the very person that gave him up!!! Just breaks my heart to read this and know how much he suffered!!! They need to throw the BOOK at the PUTRID YELLOW RAT that treated this DINO this horrific fashion!!!!

  4. Good lord !!! If u didn’t want the dog, give him up for adoption. That is totally immoral !!! I hope u have some kind of consioious in the end, and u remember what u did. That is a life !!! Some people would love ❤ too have dogs but, can’t because of financial difficulties. Thank god I’m catholic and know he’s in a better place and not suffering. Don’t ever invest in something you can’t give love ❤ and support. He’s innocent and can’t speak up for himself.

  5. I want to know why the original parent gave away this beautiful dog to obviously someone who was a cruel neglective ass hole! !! See how magnificent dogs are!! After five years of a horrific live this beautiful soul only had love to his original parent, even though dion was at deaths door.. i hope the cruel bastard who cared nothing for dion is found out by the animal loving part of society and is rewarded in the same cruel manner every day as he did to dion cause I’m certain the bloody law wont dish out justic as they damm well should. . And a damm lesson to dions first parent hope they never forget at poor dions expense!!

  6. What piece of s*** would let that poor poor animal look like that tell him to for the rest of his life and throw away the key dead f****** serious

  7. Perhaps I am mean but I feel just as angry at the original owner who gave him up. We lost everything, homes, businesses and cars and the only place we could find that would rent to my family with 5 kids and numerous dogs and cats is run down and small but with lots of acreage. We moved their gladly to keep all our family together! No excuse for giving up your pets! None!?

    • That’s because YOU MY DEAR have a HEART AND SOUL!!!! YOUR family is Blessed Small Shabby home. Well maybe but there is LOVE COMPASSION AND KINDNESS IN ALL OF OUR HEARTS>>> your animals are lucky to have such caring people!!!

      • I could never give up my fur kids I don’t have the best of things and I don’t care this is my fur kids home and I would live in my car with mine if I had to.

  8. See what happens when you give up your animals? I have my sister’s cat because she rented an apartment where you can’t have pets..I’ve had him almost 10 years now, but wtf do people do stuff like that (including my sis) although I really don’t think she’s the animal lover I am (although she has saved a few turtles crossing the road) which by the way..I see a smooshed turtle at the entrance of Carrollwood Village and I hope you are dead. It makes me sick..everyone’s in such a hurry..or distracted by their phones..makes me sick…a good day for me….is a day I don’t see road kill…ie: birds, possums, raccoons, and of course cats and dogs and TURTLES (I have a couple of those too)

  9. When will we ever LEARN. Our pets are a Life long responsibility, they are not disposable. Bless Dear, Dear Dino.. This Is Heartbreaking


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