Horrific discovery – family dog gutted and hanged on gate

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What happened to a husky named “Ryu?” According to Sunday’s publication of the Herald-Mail Media, the Teran family, of Berkeley County, West Virginia, made a horrific discovery on Saturday morning when they found their beloved dog’s gutted body hanging from their driveway gate.



Ryu (pronounced Ree-you) had disappeared from his home in Falling Waters last Thursday afternoon. The husky, who had been outside on a line, slipped out of his collar (or perhaps someone removed it) and disappeared from his family’s yard – his owners went to social media in an attempt to help bring their beloved pet home, but a happily ever after was not to be…on September 9, the tragic, heartbreaking news was posted to a Lost and Founds pets Facebook page for Berkeley County:

UPDATE – is with a sad heavy heart to report, my dog was killed. And not just killed, he was tortured, cut all the way up his stomach, the hung by his neck on our front gate. If anyone has any information on who did this, please tell me! If they would do this to a beautiful loving innocent dog, they will do this to a child.


The Berkeley County (W.Va.) Sheriff’s Office and animal control were notified about the disturbing, cruel situation. Anyone with information about this incident is asked to reach out to the authorities at 304-267-7000.


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  1. This is insane! What kind of demented person would do this to a lovely animal? They must be found and removed from society forever.

  2. MUST BE FAMILY MEMBERS OF THE ” DELIVERENCE POPULATION” down there in the fine “OLE STATE of West Virginny” my family background is from Clarksburg , Elkins, W. VA. they were descent, kind, and loving individual’s!!! What the Hell has happened out there… Did the poor dog also get sodomized prior to being murdered… Wouldn’t surprise me one bit… Second what ethnic background were the owner’s of Ryu. it could also be a factor… What a bunch of SADISTIC PERVERTS !!! What is the Police department doing about this???? OH! Let ME Guess!!! NOTHING!!!!!

  3. The dog was stolen. If Ryu had gotten loose from his collar and ran out of the gate, there would not be any identification. The person would not know where this dog lived.
    Someone came and stole this beautiful dog and murdered and tortured him, then brought him to his owners. This sick person knew where this dog lived.

    • I agree with “U” Diana lake:: that is why I inquired as to the ethnic background of the owners of this dog that suffered a more than horrific death!!! The cops down there have their heads in a dark crevice !!!! They are either supporting this Psychopath or ARE AFRAID of Whoever committed this VILE ACT!!!

  4. Some sick depraved POS did this to this beautiful dog. I hope they find them and they rot in jail. There is a special place in Hell for people like this, I hope they land there very soon! Rest in peace Ryu I am heartbroken for what you poor family must be going through!

  5. The poor dog was definitely targeted by someone. Whoever did this needs to be found and put away before he or she does this again, just as it’s a cinch the creature has done it before. I know people who live in Falling Waters and the nearby area. It’s a nice place. Someone knows who did this: you can bet on it. Turn the scumbag in!

  6. With social media being right on top of all these types of animal abuse stories these days … my question to any caring, loving owner is this: WHY would you ever ever ever leave your precious dog outside unattended? RIP Ryu. May your torturers/murderers rot in hell.

  7. I don’t know who you are but I will put a prayer to the Universe that you die under the same suffering you showed this Beautiful pet. You are a coward who should be shown NO Mercy! Rot in hell …. may it happen SOON!

  8. Many psychic readers are not allowed to discuss legal matters. Psychic DaJuana Byrd at http://www.dajuana.com has worked on police matters before and I hope you find this sick bastard from her or perhaps another talented psychic. This.demented person deserves the death penalty in court!!!

  9. OMG…that movie “Wrong Turn” really wasn’t far off….this seems really personal and I would be in fear for my life….I would get the hell out of Falling Waters and never leave your dog (if you get another) unattended..too many sick FCK’s running around…this is super sick- the person who did this, I hope they are caught and karma gets them..as in grim reaper karma..omg, I’m so sorry for your loss…and you are probably not safe..maybe they are envious of what you have or whatever….that’s scary stuff


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